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Perkie's Observations: JaSam Choose Scout's Godparents on General Hospital

Laura Wright, Billy Miller, Maurice Benard

Laura Wright, Billy Miller, Maurice Benard

Jason asks Sonny to be Scout's godfather and Sonny accepts. Jason mentions they want Carly to be godmother, but wonders if that will be an issue for Sonny.

Carly tells Josslyn about her troubles with Sonny. Josslyn is quick to ask if they're getting divorced. Carly says she still loves him and things are complicated. Josslyn pushes the issue, but Carly doesn't want to rush things.

Jax is back in town, and he and Alexis have a reunion. He offers his condolences about Julian.

Laura and Tracy are at the monastery in Turkey. Laura talks to a couple of monks who allow them to spend the night. Tracy wonders if this trip is worth her time. Laura says she knows how much Tracy meant to Edward, adding that she was his finest accomplishment.

Michael finds Lord Larry rifling through his office. Ned and Olivia arrive looking for Tracy. Ned announces his engagement. Michael heads out to find Tracy. Larry eventually offers his congratulations to Ned.

Alexis meets with Sam. She tells her that she still feels Julian's presence all around her and is having a hard time letting go. Sam says they need proof of his death. She figures if Julian isn't dead, it's because he ran off to avoid criminal charges.

Carly stops by to see Jason and isn't happy to see Sonny. Jason asks her to be godmother and she agrees. Carly reassures Jason that she and Sonny will get along for the baby's sake.

Josslyn is thrilled when Jax shows up, but he's there to tell her that Lady Jane has passed. The two share a hug and then remember Jax's mom. Jax gives Josslyn a letter from her grandmother. Josslyn promises to read it when the pain isn't so fresh.

Sam shows Jason a photo from a surveillance camera. It's a man in a hoody making a call to Alexis. They aren't able to identify him. Sam gets a call that one of Julian's credit cards was used.

Tracy and Laura head out to explore the monastery. They find the two monks with the painting. Tracy declares the painting is hers and she wants it back. The painting is of a young Tracy.

Michael finds out at that Tracy is in Turkey, which surprises Larry.

Someone in a hoody is following Alexis.

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