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Perkie's Observations: Jax Makes a Confession to Carly on General Hospital

Ingo Rademacher, Laura Wright

Ingo Rademacher, Laura Wright

Tracy wants answers from the monks and is interrupted by the abbot. He explains that Edward stayed there many years ago and didn't want to sell the painting because it reminded him of Tracy.

The abbot gives Tracy a letter from Edward, which she reads. In the letter, Edward is very complimentary. Laura points out that Edward was very proud of her. Tracy wants to take the painting home, but the abbot refuses. He has plans to sell it to use the funds for the abbey. Tracy's not leaving without it.

Carly's thrilled, but surprised, to see Jax. He explains about Lady Jane's death and that he wanted to tell Josslyn in person. Carly tells him that her marriage is over and that divorce is the next likely step. Carly explains that Sonny slept with Nelle.

Finn wakes up the morning after the first detox. He thanks Hayden for standing by him. Hayden however, can't get away from him fast enough. When Curtis shows up, she takes off. Finn doesn't understand why she was so standoffish. Curtis explains that Finn manhandled Hayden.

Jake wants Franco to come over to the house to continue their timeline drawing. Franco makes an excuse that he's working long hours and can't do it.

Nathan pays Sam a visit. He tells her that someone used Julian's credit card to buy a bus ticket to Los Angeles. He asks if Julian had plans to skip town, but Sam has no idea. Nathan wants to talk to Alexis, which doesn't sit well with Sam. Later, Sam calls her mother and arranges for her to be away so that Nathan can't contact her.

Liz and Jason bring Jake for a session with Andre. Andre points out that Jake is the patient and knows that he needs to focus on the years with Helena.

Amy's meeting someone for a high school reunion meeting, which turns out to be Dillon. Sorry, I had a hard time understanding what she was nattering on the phone about, so I assumed it was some sort of reunion thing. It seems that Amy and Dillon went to school together and were fans of similar films. I'm thinking Dillon would have gone to a bunch of boarding schools because that's what Quartermaines do, but what do I know?

Amy's not thrilled when Kiki appears to meet Dillon, so she heads out. She calls "Kristina" to complain about Dillon's girlfriend showing up. Ugh, I am not into an Amy is jealous of Kiki story, thank you very much.

Kiki tells Dillon that she'll be taking a 6-week course to become a nurse's aide. Franco interrupts their conversation because he's a tool. Franco complains that he's not allowed to see Jake. He adds that he sees darkness in him like his own childhood. Kiki reminds him that Jake isn't his son and he needs to respect that.

Liz runs into Hayden and asks how things are going with Finn's detox. Hayden explains that Finn got physical with her. Liz says not to take it personally. She reminds Hayden that this is far from over and she needs to take some time for herself.

Hayden heads back to the hotel. Finn apologizes for his actions. Hayden says he hurt her, not only physically but emotionally. She says those thoughts are in his head since he doesn't trust her. Hayden gives him a list of rehab facilities.

After the session with Jake, Andre tells Jason and Liz that it will take some time to get him to open up. He claims Jake is feeling the tension between his parents and they need to make peace with each other.

Jake calls Franco. Again, Franco tells him he has to stay away and talk to his parents. Methinks Jake's about to run away again to force Liason to accept Franco. Because this show is nothing if it's not trying to make us all accept Franco.

Sam asks Curtis' help in finding out who bought the bus ticket to see if it was Julian or not.

Carly explains that Nelle is Frank Benson's daughter, who is out for revenge. Jax admits that he paid Frank for Nelle's kidney. I hear the Nonsensical Bus pulling up, ready to run over Jax. 

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