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Perkie's Observations: Dante Finds What Ava Wants on General Hospital

Dominic Zamprogna

Dominic Zamprogna

Jax tells Carly that he knew Frank was harassing her for years over money. He was looking for a kidney for Josslyn, so he offered Frank a million dollars to find one for him. Jax says he had no idea Nelle was Frank's daughter. This retcon makes no sense based on what we saw 5 years ago.

Carly wants to know why he never told her the truth. Jax says Carly would have stopped him if she had known what he was doing. He adds he would have done anything to save Josslyn's life. Jax wonders if Carly can forgive him.

Josslyn tells Michael about the divorce. Michael isn't so quick to agree about it. Michael says Morgan's death affected his parents, but Josslyn is not happy that Sonny slept with Nelle. Josslyn says part of her still likes Nelle, but Michael claims he wants nothing to do with her.

Anna stops by Wyndemere. She tells Valentin that she remembers everything that she's been suppressing. Anna claims she was as much a victim as he was because she was forced by Faison to steal secrets.

Valentin is aware of Faison's obsession with Anna, but doesn't believe that her memory was wiped. Anna says she remembers everything from their night together. Valentin is upset about the next day he found the note to have him killed. Anna says not only did she not follow through, but she gave him time to run. Anna claims she liked Valentin and couldn't betray him.

Ava tells Scott that the PCPD now have Morgan's pill bottle and she wants him to steal it from the evidence room.

Lulu tells Dante about her run in with Nelle. Dante warns her to be careful and to avoid her.

Sonny runs into Nelle and wonders why she's still in town since there's nothing left her. Sonny accuses her of hurting Michael and Josslyn. Nelle says she's sorry for that. She claims she was the victim who was used and discarded by Carly.

Nelle feels Carly is selfish and now must suffer. Nelle says she's building a new life. Sonny warns her that if she pulls anything on Valentin, he'll get rid of her. Sonny's fine with that.

Carly says she's not the only one who got hurt and that Jax's lie left them open for Nelle's revenge. She's not sure she can forgive him yet.

Lulu stops by Ava's to ask her when Valentin shot Nikolas. She wants to know if there is anything that Ava remembers that Lulu could use against him. Ava doesn't remember anything that she hasn't already mentioned. She tells Lulu to find Valentin's Achilles heel and exploit it.

Scott lets himself into the evidence room, but doesn't find the bottle of pills. Dante finds him in the room and Scott claims he's defending one of the robbers. The robber however, claims he doesn't know Scott, so Dante kicks him out.

Scott heads back to Ava's and tells her that he didn't find the pill bottle. He thinks there's a possibility that someone took it.

Dante finds the pill bottle.

Sonny overhears Michael say that Jax is back. He's not happy about it.

Jax meets with Nelle to tell her that she was wrong about Carly. 

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