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Perkie's Observations: Nelle Seeks Redemption on General Hospital

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Chad Duell, Chloe Lanier

Chad Duell, Chloe Lanier

Nelle can't believe her father lied about everything. She explains to Michael that he used to gamble his money away. She realizes that's what he did with the money Jax gave him. She can't believe she's been angry all this time and is stuck in the past.

Michael says her pain didn't give her permission to hurt everyone else. Nelle says she's only felt hatred except for her feelings for Michael. Michael says it's too late and there's no way back for them. Nelle says she'll fix things.

Jax asks if Carly can forgive him because he doesn't want to lose her. Carly says she's grateful since his actions saved Josslyn's life. Jax asks that they not tell Josslyn the truth just yet because she's still grieving for Lady Jane.

Jax blames himself for his mother's death. He tells Carly that he confessed while she was on her deathbed and sensed her disappointment. Carly reassures him that he isn't responsible and that she can't hate him because Josslyn is alive. The two kiss.

Liz stops by Franco's studio to tell him about Jake's appointment with Andre. Franco tells her that Jake called him and that he respected Liz's wishes to back off. Liz appreciates the effort and promises that she's not cutting Franco out of her life. The two do the nasty, right there in the paint fumes.

Laura thinks she hears a woman crying, but Tracy poo poos that. Tracy wants to take the painting. The abbot tries again to get her to leave it for him to sell. Tracy pays the abbot so he agrees to let her take it. Tracy has to fill out paperwork from the consulate first.

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Dante shows Sonny the pill bottle. Sonny says there was one missing from Morgan's stash after he died. Dante gets the forensic results. There were no clear prints or DNA available, which means a it's a dead end.

Ava worries she'll get caught and tries to leave. Valerie stops her to have her go over the belongings. Dante questions why Ava was meeting Lucy at the Rib. Ava claims it was donation business for the Nurse's Ball. Dante says it's a big coincidence that Morgan's pills were at the Rib the same night Ava was. Ava says she has no idea how the pills got there and that maybe Morgan left them there back in October.

When Tracy and Laura return, the painting is gone. Tracy raises a stink until the abbot returns with the painting. Laura continues to worry about the crying woman. The two leave with the painting. A young girl lurks in the shadows.

Jake shows up at Franco's door. Yeah, I called that on Tuesday.

Nelle goes to Sonny. She tells him why he doesn't remember their night together. 

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