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Perkie's Observations: Jake Runs to Franco on General Hospital

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Hudson West, Billy Miller, Rebecca Herbst

Hudson West, Billy Miller, Rebecca Herbst

Nelle tells Sonny that she drugged him and pretended they had sex. Sonny's angry that she made him feel guilty and tore his family apart. Sonny says they were grieving for Morgan and Nelle just kept twisting the knife. Sonny wants to know why Nelle would confess now and wonders what's in it for her.   

Jax pulls back from the kiss, but Carly doesn't want them to stop. The two end up making love and feeling no remorse.  

Nathan pays Alexis a visit. He tells her that Julian's card is being used and that he could still be alive. Nathan says Julian would have been charged as Liv's accomplice, which would explain him running. Alexis says Julian had money stashed and likely wouldn't have used his credit card.  

Liz stops by the penthouse to remind Jason that they need to be on the same page when it comes to Jake. Sam says she'll help out as well, but Liz is quick to point out that if Franco needs to back off, then so does Sam. Jason says there's a difference between Sam and Franco, but Liz says Jake trusts Franco. 

Jake wants to know why Franco doesn't want to be friends anymore. Franco says they'll always be friends, but that Jake will get in trouble for leaving home at night. Franco calls Jason and lets him know where Jake is.  

Michael tells Kristina that Sonny slept with Nelle, but then defends her when Kristina gets angry. Kristina thinks Michael needs to be the referee for his parents, something he's not interested in doing.  

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Jake tells Franco about his session with Andre. He gets upset when Jason and Liz show up. Liz is upset with Jake for sneaking out and Jason says he's too young to be out alone. Liz takes Jake to the car. Jason confronts Franco and tells him that he doesn't want his son to hang out at the studio.

Franco says he understands Jake better than Jason does. Liz returns to break them up. Jason says again that the studio is off limits to Jake. Franco spots an addition to the timeline.  

Michael finds Nelle arguing with Sonny. Sonny tells him about the drugging and how he needs to tell Carly. Michael is angry with Nelle and tells her that she threw her last chance with him away. Nelle hopes someday Michael can forgive her.  

Sonny gets to Carly's as she's getting wine for her and Jax. He tells her that he didn't sleep with Nelle.  

Nathan tells Kristina that he's worried Alexis is keeping something from him which could put her in danger.  

Alexis tells Sam about Nathan's visit. Sam tells her that Curtis is looking into the credit card. She shows her the photo of the man who called Alexis. Alexis wonders if Julian is alive and why he's torturing her.  

Sam gets a call from Curtis that a kid found the credit card and used it. Alexis is upset that they still don't know if Julian is alive.

The man with the hoodie lets himself into Alexis' house.