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Perkie's Observations: Laura Puts Valentin on Notice on General Hospital

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James Patrick Stuart, Genie Francis

James Patrick Stuart, Genie Francis

Anna sends Valentin a note and a fancy watch, hoping for peace between them. Nina is not happy when she sees the note and who it's from. Valentin says he only wants peace for the good of their family.

Laura heads to Anna's to discuss Lulu and her problems with Valentin. Anna says she can't help because she's made peace with him. Anna says she's done some questionable things and needed to make it right.

Laura doesn't think Valentin deserves Anna's compassion and mercy. She feels Valentin deserves what he's going to get. Anna says she's not getting involved anymore.

Tracy wants to put her painting on the living room wall, but Monica's not interested. Ned arrives and tells his mother that he and Olivia are engaged. Ned expects a negative reaction but instead, his mother is happy for him.

Hayden's worried about Finn, telling Curtis that she called to check on him and was told he didn't spend the night at the hotel.

Griffin finds Finn unconscious on the pier. He takes him to the hospital and has tests done. Griffin says Finn is lucky to be alive and should tell the police what happened. Griffin says Finn needs guts to fix this.

Jordan and Curtis share a kiss, which Andre witnesses. Jordan apologizes to Andre, but he tells her not to feel badly for what she wants. Later, he leaves a message for Anna, saying he needs a friend.

Laura runs into Valentin and the two argue about Lulu. Laura accuses him of being selfish and says he can't prey on her. Laura says she'll see him pay for killing Nikolas and yells at him that everyone will abandon him.

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Brad has a conversation with an offscreen Lucy about buying a condo with offscreen Lucas. He gets upset with onscreen Monica that he won't be getting a raise. Brad decides to tell her something about Finn.

Nina heads over to Anna's to confront her. She tries to slap her, but Anna subdues her. Anna says the letter was a sign of peace, but Nina accuses her of going after Valentin. Anna wonders why Nina is so territorial. Nina warns her not to send any more notes.

Griffin tells Hayden that Finn is in the hospital. She asks Finn if he used. He says he changed his mind after he bought the pills, so the dealer beat him up.

Finn decides it's time for rehab because he needs to own up to being an addict.

Tracy tells Ned that she found a letter from her father in Turkey. Ned reads the letter from Edward. Ned doesn't have the same feelings for the letter that Tracy does. He says Edward was controlling and manipulating in life.

Ned says she shouldn't need a letter to know how her father felt. He tells his mother that he's proud of her and loves her.

Anna put a bug in the watch she gave Valentin and is now listening in on him.

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