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Perkie's Observations: Lulu Makes a Connection with Charlotte on General Hospital

Emme Rylan, Scarlett Fernandez

Emme Rylan, Scarlett Fernandez

Brad tells Monica about Finn's drug addiction.

Finn's worried about his future with the hospital and tells Hayden that he needs to come clean to Monica.

Lulu's worried that Valentin will do something to sabotage her visit with Charlotte. Dante reassures her that she will be okay before letting her visit on her own.

Olivia tells Ned that Dante may not be happy with their wedding plans because he's very protective of her. Dante shows up and spots Olivia's ring. He says he wants what's best for her and accepts Ned into the family.

Nina spots the watch on Valentin's arm, but he claims he recently bought it. Nina tells him about her visit to Anna and how she made her position clear.

Brad's upset that he won't be getting a raise. Hayden tells him that no one is because they aren't on solid footing yet. Brad tells her that Finn will likely get fired because of his addiction.

Finn confesses to Monica and explains his addiction. He tells her that he ended up beaten up on the pier last night. He also confesses to stealing drugs from the hospital and being high on duty. Monica tells him to get into rehab. She explains that she's been sober since 2008.

Anna's listening in on ValNina's conversation. Andre shows up for a pep talk about his run in with Jordan. Anna offers him some tea and Andre listens to what she's listening to. Anna gets upset, but Andre questions why she's eavesdropping on ValNina.

Anna says she's going on the offensive. She's taking Valentin down because he's a criminal and needs to be brought to justice. Anna says she's playing to Valentin's ego in order to get a confession. Andre wants to help, but she doesn't want him involved for his own safety.

Charlotte doesn't want to go to Lulu's, but Nina convinces her to. While she's gone, Valentin worries. Eventually, he decides to head over there.

Charlotte is initially cold to Lulu, but she thaws when Lulu offers to make scones. She also has an Easter egg hunt planned.

Finn tells Hayden that Monica couldn't promise him his job. He explains that he'll need to go before a review board when he's done with rehab.

Brad's not happy to see that Finn didn't get fired or lose his license. Monica says the board will decide knowing that Finn saved the hospital with his generous donation.

Nina finds the watch box in the garbage and realizes that it came from Anna.

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