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Perkie's Observations: Lucy and Ava Dodge Dante on General Hospital

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Lynn Herring, Maura West

Lynn Herring, Maura West

Dante asks Lucy about the pills during the robbery. Lucy tries to blow him off by claiming she has a meeting with Ava. Dante questions both women, but they manage to dodge his questions.

Alexis questions whether Julian is really dead and tells Sam about the weird things at the house. Jason asks about signs of a break-in, but Alexis says Julian has a key. Jason promises to look into it. Someone's watching from the shadows.

Sonny tells Michael that he plans on taking a trip out of town to prevent himself from killing someone. He complains about Jax and says he's finished with Carly. Michael thinks they can forgive themselves now, but Sonny isn't forgiving Jax.

Michael tells Sonny that Jax was the one who contacted Frank. Sonny blames Jax for not telling the truth about Nelle.

Carly tells Jax that she is still furious with Sonny. Nelle arrives to apologize to Carly. She hopes she and Sonny will get back together. Carly's not in a forgiving mood and promises to make Nelle pay.

Jax feels they owe Nelle for Josslyn's life and wants Carly to back off. Jax apologizes for his part in all of this and offers Nelle money for a fresh start. Nelle turns it down, saying she needs to stay and undo the damage she did. Carly knows Nelle wants to stay because of Michael.

Carly accuses Nelle of going after a bigger payoff and spinning things to get back in Michael's good graces. Carly warns Nelle to stay away from Michael.

Dillon tries to distract Kiki from her studying. He starts making out with her and using a photo shoot. Kiki's worried about the Quartermaine party, but Dillon tries to reassure her that Tracy will accept her.

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Lulu and the social worker both admonish Valentin for showing up early, but he hand-waves it away. Charlotte decides to leave early and go home with Papa. Lulu's happy that the meeting went well.

Charlotte misses her mother and tells Valentin that she doesn't understand how Lulu could also be her mother. Valentin says she was created in a special way and that Nina will help him explain it to her. Charlotte admits she liked being with Lulu, which she thinks is not fair to Claudette or Nina.

Valentin tells her that she can feel however she wants for Lulu. Charlotte says he owes Lulu 10 minutes for the next meeting.

Lulu tells Dante about the visit. She has hope that Charlotte will come to love her. Dante explains about Morgan's pills.

Lucy worries that Dante will find out the truth about the pills. Ava warns her to keep her mouth shut or else. Lucy's not falling for Ava's threat and wants to know the truth.

Dillon's taking photos of families in the park, including Alexis and JaSam. He sends them a copy of the photos. Jason notices someone in the background. When he zooms in, the person looks like Julian.

Michael calls Dante. He's worried about Sonny and what he'll do.

Carly tells Jax that Nelle will destroy Michael because they're alike. Sonny shows up to blame Jax. 

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