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Perkie's Observations: Alexis Learns a Truth on General Hospital

Nancy Lee Grahn. Kelly Monaco

Nancy Lee Grahn. Kelly Monaco

Sonny storms in and blames Jax for well, anything and everything he can think of. Jax says he has no regrets and what he did saved Josslyn's life. Dante shows up, Sonny tells him what Jax has done. Jax confesses, which Sonny records on his phone and gives to Dante.

Josslyn gets home as Dante is arresting Jax. Jax explains to her what happened and that what he did was illegal. Carly explains to Josslyn that Sonny is responsible for telling Dante.

Alexis can't believe Julian's alive, though she's glad she's not losing her mind. Sam's worried, but Alexis is sure that Julian won't hurt her.

Jason stops by the mansion to check out more photos from Dillon. They find one that shows Julian is in the background, meeting with a boat driver. They figure Julian's trying to get out of town.

Alexis heads down to the docks and runs into Julian. Jason and Sam head down to the docks and find Alexis' scarf.

Sonny tells Michael that he had Jax arrested. Michael gets angry and reminds Sonny of all the times that Carly covered for him. Michael says if Sonny doesn't fix this, no one will forgive him.

At the mansion, the Quartermaines are celebrating Ned and Olivia's engagement. Tracy wants to unveil her painting. Larry wants a piece of it, but Tracy refuses. An alarm goes off and when everyone heads off to investigate, the painting is left alone.

When everyone returns, Tracy offers her congratulations to Ned and Olivia. She then prepares to unveil the painting, only to find out that it's been switched with the picture of a clown. Oh, that Larry Ashton.

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