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Perkie's Observations: Julexis Have Sex to Break-up on General Hospital

Nancy Lee Grahn, William deVry

Nancy Lee Grahn, William deVry

Tracy realizes Larry took the painting. Everyone heads out to find him. Larry runs into a woman on the property. This allows Ned and Dillon to catch up with him and return the painting to Tracy. Tracy unveils it and everyone is in awe of it's beauty.

Franco questions Jake about the addition to the timeline, but Jake denies having drawn it. Eventually, he begs Franco not to say anything to anyone.

Sam worries what Julian may have done with Alexis and tries calling her. Jason finds Hooper, who promises to let them know when Julian reaches out to him. Jason feels Alexis went with Julian willingly.

Alexis and Julian shack up in a hotel and party like it's 1999. After they're finished, Julian apologizes for stalking her and driving her crazy. He wants them to go on the run together and disappear.

Alexis tells him that this night of passion was a goodbye. Julian says they love each other. Alexis says she can't get over the knife at her throat, or that he hurt Duke and Carlos.

Julian tries to pass the buck onto Olivia. Alexis says to accept him is to accept the violence. She says she needs closure. Julian agrees to leave town tonight, after they make love a second time.

As Julian and Alexis are saying their goodbyes, JaSam and the police arrive and arrest Julian.

Liz worries about Jake, so Franco shows her the added picture on the timeline. Jake gets upset when he finds out that Franco told Liz, and runs off. Eventually, Franco finds him. Jake tells him that he doesn't want to talk about the scarecrow.

Ned tells his father that he's no longer welcome at the party or at the wedding. Ned tells Olivia that he's ready to adopt Leo.

Laura finds the girl, who's name is Samira, who says she's there to see Tracy. Samira tells them all that she's travelled from Turkey. She says her daughter was taken by human traffickers and needs the painting to pay their ransom.

Tracy points out that customs knows the painting is in her possession and if it turns up in traffickers hands, they could be in trouble. Samira just wants to save her daughter.

Tracy's not in a hurry to believe Samira's story. She asks Laura to reach out to Robert for help in figuring it out. Samira gives her a ring that belonged to Edward. She also has a journal. Tracy realizes it was Edward's as well. Samira says they came from her mother. Oh Edward, you old dog. 

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