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Perkie's Observations: Nelle Declines to Press Charges on General Hospital

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Laura Wright, Chloe Lanier

Laura Wright, Chloe Lanier

After spending the night in the guest room, Samira tries again to get the painting from Tracy, who has no plans on giving it up. Monica admonishes Tracy, but Tracy worries that Samira's scamming them. Tracy offers Samira some food, but all she wants is water. When Samira leaves the room, Tracy takes the glass.

Curtis pays Jordan an early morning visit, which is interrupted when TJ shows up. He's surprised to find them together. Jordan explains that they are figuring out their relationship. She wonders if TJ will be okay with it. TJ's happy for them, but worries what will happen if things don't work out. Jordan tells Curtis that she doesn't want to lose their friendship if things don't work out.

Brad's still angry with Finn, who doesn't really care. Griffin tells Finn that Monica appointed him Finn's outpatient rehab supervisor. One of Grif's duties is to get a sample from Finn for drug testing. Finn provides the sample, which Brad takes to the lab. Gee, I wonder if Brad will tamper with the sample.

Jax spends the night in lockup. In the morning, Nathan has Nelle brought in for her statement. Nelle says she won't press charges. Carly asks Nathan if they still need to worry about Sonny's recording, but Nathan reassures her.

Michael's still angry about Sonny having Jax arrested. Sonny feels Jax has to pay, even though he admits he would have done the same for one of his kids. Michael feels Sonny had Jax arrested to push Carly away because he's grieving Morgan's death.

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Finn finds Hayden and asks if she'll give him a chance once his rehab is done. Hayden gives him a convoluted explanation. She explains how she's more like her father than she cares to admit. She adds that she can't make any promises to him.

Nelle tells Jax that she doesn't want to hurt Josslyn. She blames her father for everything. Jax says he's partly to blame, but Nelle says she can't punish him for wanting to save his child. Jax's lawyer gets him released.

Carly thanks Nelle for not pressing charges, and adds it doesn't change anything. Carly says Nelle did it to get into Michael's pants, no wait, she said in Michael's good graces. My bad! Carly says Nelle isn't good enough for Michael and she'll make sure nothing happens between them.

Tracy finds Finn and asks for his help in running a DNA test.

A man shows up at the mansion looking for Samira. 

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