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Fallout From Spectra's Fashion Show Continues on Bold & Beautiful

It's war between two rival fashion houses!
Courtney Hope, Jacqueline MacInnes Wood

Courtney Hope, Jacqueline MacInnes Wood

At Spencer: Bill's pleasant flashbacks are interrupted when he realizes that his big, phallic building may not go up. Jarrett and Wyatt tell Bill that Spectra ripped off Forrester. They wonder if Thomas was involved. Bill thinks Dressmaker, Jr. was duped.

Later, Brooke stops by. She won't tell Bill what happened with Ridge, but she tells Bill she loves him. Horny Bill makes stallion noises.

At Forrester: RJ defends Coco saying she didn't know she was wearing magic jewelry. Brooke and Steffy aren't convinced. They tell RJ and Thomas that Carter is looking into legal action. Despite the costs, Steffy declares they should delay their launch.

Later, Thomas and RJ lament their romantic losses. Thomas advises RJ to let Coco go. 

At Spectra: Coco blasts Sally over her betrayal. She thought they had the same dreams. Sally sets her straight on what it was like for her after she failed. Coco is angry. Sally apologizes.

Steffy stops in to tell Sally that she's thrilled that Thomas in not in her life. She declares Spectra won't be a thorn in her company's side. Sally tries to get Coco off the hook. Steffy warns Coco's time at Forrester is over. Steffy wants to know why Sally resorted to stealing. She tells her how it is to be poor. She apologizes, but isn't sorry. She tells Steffy that one day she will earn Steffy's approval. Steffy scoffs at her, saying she's done with the Spectras, and leaves.

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Eric wants to know what really happened between Ridge and Brooke in Australia. Katie puts Quinn on notice that she's being watched. Brooke has a message for Bill.