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Honey is Once Again a Metaphor For Sex on Bold & Beautiful

B&B is back to sticky situations.
Thorsten Kaye, Rena Sofer

Thorsten Kaye, Rena Sofer

At Spencer: Brill feel each other up. She loves how the big sword looks on his chest. Bill presses her for information on what happened with Ridge. She says it was all him and adds that the place they always come back to "is done". Like Sophia from The Golden Girls said, "Sluts heal faster."

Brooke explains how she was looking for something after Ridge. She tells Bill she was drawn to the ocean and like magic Bill was there. She says she was temporarily lost and claims she will never turn her back on Bill again. Brooke wants the keys to his house so she can give him a proper welcome home.

At the Forrester mansion: Eric and Carter debate whether or not Forrester has a case. Carter says there is enough of a difference in the Spectra designs that it may not go in their favor. Eric says they did enough tasteless modifications on their designs like they always have. Carter agrees to file suit, but he thinks Spectra will benefit from it.

Ridge bursts in and wants to know how much they can sue for. Eric wants to know why it happened on his watch. Ridge tells them he thought things would be different this time. He didn't think they were the usual gang of thieves. Eric and Ridge argue about how a Spectra got an internship. Ridge reminds him Coco saved RJ from the forklift (what a shame). Ridge takes responsibility and deflects it from Steffy.

Eric is having a hard time grasping how Sally, Jr. could betray the family when they treated her so well. He thinks they need to trash their collection and start fresh. Ridge agrees. Eric shifts the subject and questions Ridge about what happened in Australia with Brooke.

Katie interrupts tea time with Quinn in the kitchen. She wants to know if she can collect on the job offer Quinn made. Quinn tries to put her off. Katie decides she's hungry and wants Quinn to make her a snack. They banter back and forth about the dynamic of Quinn's relationships with Eric and Ridge. Katie lets her know she will be watching.

Katie and Quinn venture into the living room. When prompted by Eric, Katie admits she knows what happened in Australia. Katie claims Ridge failed Brooke...again, but Eric wants specifics. Eric realizes Katie won't come clean right now.

Tea is served for the quad and Katie wants honey. Right now, damn it! Eric sends Ridge to help Quinn with her new domestic duties. There are honey bear bottles everywhere. Ridge explains they are from Eric's time with Donna. (????)

Quinn whines about how her life would be without Eric. Ridge questions her sincerity on the beach. Ooops! Honey spills on his shirt and she helps clean it off, but not with her tongue. As the get closer, she breathlessly reiterates she can't "go there" again with him. They stare longingly at each other.

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