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Perkie's Observations: Liz Has Concerns about Jake on General Hospital

Rebecca Herbst

Rebecca Herbst

The ICE agent tells Jax that his visa has been revoked, so Jax has no choice but to go with him.

Dante stops by to get a statement from Alexis, but Sam says she's resting. Dante says he'll need her to come down to the station at some point to confirm Julian's story that he kidnapped her.

Ava stops by the station to see Julian. At first, she is still upset with him for leaving her in jail for weeks when no one knew Liv existed. Julian claims Liv was threatening his family and asks her to help him out. Scott shows up, thanks to Ava.

Sam wants to know what really happened in the hotel room because she doesn't believe Julian kidnapped Alexis. Before she can answer, Molly and Kristina arrive determined to spend time with their mother.

Kristina complains about Julian until Alexis admits that she's conflicted. Molly doesn't want her defending Julian anymore. The Davis girls feel that Julian is a selfish coward. Sam defends her mother until the girls leave. She demands Alexis to tell her the truth. Alexis admits Julian didn't hold her hostage. Alexis says Julian did not implicate her. Sam tells her to bring Diane to the station with her, just in case.

Liz calls Jason over to see the latest timeline. She tells him that Jake didn't want them to know about it, and is afraid of Jason. Jake gets home. Jason asks if Jake is afraid of him, but Jake denies it.

Carly storms over to Sonny's to call him a hypocrite for calling ICE on Jax. She reminds him that Josslyn lost Morgan and her grandmother, but Sonny feels Josslyn can visit her father anytime she wants. Carly declares that Sonny will suffer the consequences as well. I say, unless she's heading down to the station to tell them all about Sonny's business, she's just blowing smoke.

Scott feels the best way to help Julian is to discredit Alexis, but Julian tells him to leave Alexis out of it. He says he's leaving PC once Scott gets him acquitted. Scott says there's a boat load of evidence against him because he was Olivia's accessory and he's the best one to take a plea.

Dante drops off the bottle of pills to Sonny because they are no longer evidence against the robbers. Sonny mentions that Carly thought something was wrong with the pills. He blames himself for not seeing what was wrong with Morgan.

Ava worries about the pills. Scott reassures her that he switched the placebos with real lithium. If Sonny has them tested all he'll find is the right drug.

Carly gets home to find Jax waiting for her. He says he cut a deal and he has to leave tonight and never return. Jax wants Carly and Josslyn to go with him.

Jason and Liz show Jake pictures of a young Liz and him as babies. When they show him a certain picture, Jake reacts to it. 

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