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Quinn Gets Fired Up about Katie's New Job on The Bold and the Beautiful

Katie better watch her back!
Rena Sofer, Heather Tom

Rena Sofer, Heather Tom

At Brooke's: Creepy Bill is watching Brook sleep. When she wakes up, she starts collecting the dirty, wet hundred dollar bills that are strewn all over the bed. She wants to save them so they can be used toward their wedding. Bill wants to get married in Monte Carlo on his yacht. Then, it's sexy time again.

At Spencer: Liam and Wyatt discuss Bill's phallic building and how it won't be built. (It really looked like Wyatt was stroking it a bit). He wonders out loud to Liam about how pissed Steffy must be now that their collection is delayed. The boys can't figure out how or why big daddy is missing their meeting.

Bill arrives all whistling and happy. He tells them Brooke is back to riding the Spencer train and they are getting married. They speculate on what Ridge did to screw up...again, and wonder if he will try to get her back. Bill calls Ridge an idiot. 

At Forrester: Eric and Ridge are sketching on paper pads in Steffy's office. Outside the door, Pam frantically answers phone calls like she's the switchboard operator (never got that beat, ever).

Katie saunters in and asks Quinn about her job. Quinn thinks she should share a desk with Pam. Katie decides she can just waltz into Eric's office unannounced. Brooke comes in and is curious as to why Katie is there, then leaves.

Eric tells Quinn that she needs to come up with a jewelry line. With Ivy in Australia, he decides Katie can work with her. Katie presses Quinn for her decision. Eric stresses that Katie can help her stay on track with the business and marketing side of things (because Quinn never owned her own business before). When Eric leaves them alone, Quinn says no dice. Katie tells Quinn they will adjust to working together. She claims she will keep quiet as long as Quinn stays loyal and follows her directions.

Ridge goes to visit Brooke in her office. He spots the engagement ring. Ridge tells her she should think about RJ and their family. Brooke doesn't believe him when he says he has no feelings for Quinn. He wants another chance. Brooke tells him how hurt she is and how she's matured. She's not willing to live with heartbreak and betrayal anymore. Brooke believes he will eventually take Quinn from his father. She waxes poetic about their youthful dreams and tells him it's not possible now. She walks out of the office.

Katie turns her back to Quinn. While she's blathering on about her great ideas, Quinn's anger quickly rises. She picks up a shiny, silver letter opener and fondles it. 

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