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Carter Has Some Good News for Ridge on The Bold and the Beautiful

Coco can put Sally in the slammer!
Thorsten Kaye, Jacqueline MacInnes Wood

Thorsten Kaye, Jacqueline MacInnes Wood

At Forrester: News travels fast. Steffy asks her dad if he is going after Brooke even though she's with Bill. He says yes, but wants to concentrate on the new collection. Carter and the only cop in LA walk in to let them know they may have a legal case against Spectra.

Zende mumbles something to RJ. It must have been about Spectra because RJ said it was them, not Coco. He says she loved it there and wouldn't jeopardize it. Zende advises RJ to steer clear and let the lawsuit do the talking.

Steffy sounds like she's complaining to Carter that he already said a lawsuit would be pointless, but she's just filling us in on what happened a couple of days ago. Ridge wants to know why the hot-dog loving detective is with Carter. The detective tells them they could be charged with grand larceny and industrial espionage. The hardest hit would be Sally, who could spend 15 years in the slammer and be forced into paying out $10 million clams.

Ridge wants to prosecute right away. Steffy wants to nail Sally and Coco. Carter says they need someone who was on the inside at Spectra to have the best outcome. He suggests they digest the information. They think they can use Coco as their insider.

While he's walking down the hallway to Steffy's office, RJ has dreamy flashbacks about all of the kissing he and Coco did. RJ insists Coco was innocent. He wants to know what they want him to do. They say they need a signed confession from Coco that she knows what Spectra did. RJ wants to know what will happen if he helps. He reiterates Coco would be sending her sister to prison. Ridge and Steffy feel like they need to set and example for the future.

At Il Giardino: Nicole is meeting with Coco. She says they're friends and she feels bad. Coco claims her sister used her and that's what hurts her the most. Nicole wants to know what's going on with her and RJ. Coco wants to prove she wasn't disloyal to the Forresters. Nicole tries to reassure her. She tells her that people you love will make mistakes.

The desperate, out on the street Coco asks the waiter if they are hiring. Maybe she should ask Maya about working at Stephanie's free coffee shop.

At Spectra: The joint is jumping and they are having a hard time keeping up with the buyer's orders. Shirley is thrilled, stating they are almost out of debt. Sally complains that they stole Forrester designs and duped her sister. (Something I think Sally knew before they headed down the runway.) Shirley doesn't think they have to worry about legal problems.

Sally insists the next fashion show will be full of her designs because she can't deal with the hurt and betrayal she caused Thomas and Coco. She vows to be squeaky clean. Shirley scoffs, but Saul points out that the OG Sally wasn't a designer, but this Sally is.

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