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Perkie's Observations: Jason Worries about His Memories on General Hospital

Billy Miller, Rebecca Herbst

Billy Miller, Rebecca Herbst

Diane to be wants be in on Jordan and Alexis' meeting. Alexis admits that Julian didn't kidnap her and that she left with him willingly. Jordan doesn't understand why Alexis would be with Julian for at least an hour. Alexis says she was trying to convince Julian to turn himself in, but Jordan still doesn't believe the timeline.

Laura overhears Tracy and asks about the DNA test. Tracy explains the possible connection to Edward.

Jason and Liz show Jake a picture of Jason before the accident. Jake mentions the witch and decides he doesn't want to talk about it. After he leaves the room, Jason tells Liz that his old face is what he looked like when he was working for Helena. Brace yourselves, we're about to get ourselves another retcon story.

Carly says she can't go with Jax because it's too sudden and she feels close to Morgan in Port Charles. She also doesn't want Nelle to get her claws into Michael since he's an easy target. Jax reads between the lines and says she's not leaving because of Sonny.

Carly says she's not running from what Sonny has done, even though Jax doesn't care. Jax warns that Sonny will destroy her. Carly says she needs time to process things, but promises she'll come out for a visit. Jax warns her that he might not be waiting for her when she does.

Olivia stops by lock-up to tell Julian about her engagement. She tells him that Ned wants to adopt Leo. Julian refuses, saying his son needs to visit him in prison to get to know him. Olivia says she won't be bringing the boy to see him, but he won't be ashamed of where he came from.

Samira pleads her case to Ned. She shows him a picture of her daughter and how she's needed. Samira mentions a song she used to sing to her daughter. She begins singing it as Tracy and Laura arrive. The song is the hymn the Quartermaines used to sing at Thanksgiving.

Tracy's surprised by the song, but dismisses it as one most people would know. Ned tells Tracy that an ICE agent showed up. Laura comforts Samira and tells her that they'll find another way to save her daughter. Tracy tells Samira that she needs to get her out of the country.

Jason says he has no memories of the years after he was shot and dumped in the water, or of anything that Helena may have ordered him to do. Jason figures he was on the island at the same time as Jake, which is why he's afraid of the old Jason.

Liz wonders what Jake might have witnessed. Jason says he wasn't in control and could have been ordered to do anything. Jason thinks he might have done something terrible to Jake.

Diane's not happy with Alexis' version of the events. She reminds her that the bar review committee might perceive her as protecting a known criminal. Alexis says she only spoke the truth. Alexis wonders if dismissing the kidnapping charges will help release Julian.