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Perkie's Observations: Finn Fails His Drug Test on General Hospital

Rebecca Budig, Michael Easton, Matt Cohen

Rebecca Budig, Michael Easton, Matt Cohen

Samira's determined not to leave without the painting since she claims it will be the only thing to save her daughter. I'm sorry, but she's starting to annoy me. It's Tracy's painting. You can't have it just because you want it, annoying girl.

Laura reminds Tracy that she has Edward's letter, which is more important than the painting. Now, Laura's starting to bug me. Tracy points out that there's no way for Samira to get the painting out of the country without bringing attention to herself. Samira passes out.

Griffin tells Finn that his drug test came back positive for an opiate, possibly Zen Zen or heroine. Finn swears he's not currently using and it could still be what was in his system. Griffin says he'll wait for the next test result, but that he'd better see a decrease in the levels.

Anna listens in as Nina questions Valentin about the watch again. He says he was indulging himself. He then tells her that he bought her a horse. She excitedly runs outside to check it out.

Hayden demands to know if Finn is using again. He swears he isn't, but can't explain the positive test. Clearly he's forgotten who runs the lab and how he finagled Brad out of a piece of the pie.

Griffin storms over to Anna's. He yells at her for missing an appointment. He reminds her that could have another blood clot forming. He warns her that he'll call Robin, but Anna stops him. She claims she's already had the treatment. She went to a private facility because she's tired of the fuss she gets at GH.

Griffin asks her about Valentin. Anna says she was cruel to him all that time ago, but they've reached a truce.

At the Rib, Lante have date night. Nelle and Michael run into each other. Dante asks the bartender about the prescription bottle. The bartender says he checks the lost and found nearly every day and he's never seen the pills.

Lulu asks Nelle about Charlotte. She is thrilled to hear that her daughter enjoyed their visit. Lulu admits to Dante that she wanted to get Nelle to spy on Valentin, but she wouldn't do it.

Nelle wonders why Michael didn't tell Dante that she drugged Sonny and had her arrested. Michael says it's not his place. Michael's still upset that she set things in motion. Nelle swears she never meant to hurt his sisters. She questions whether he'll ever forgive her. Michael says maybe someday.

Samira is brought into the hospital, but Finn tells Tracy that he can't treat her. He calls Griffin, who comes in to check on her. Tracy asks about the DNA test, but Finn says it could take a few days. Tracy gets impatient which angers Finn. He points out that he's putting his career on the line for her.

Hayden's impressed that Finn didn't break the rules and promises to give them time.

Valentin admits to Nina that he's done bad things in his past. He says he wasn't a nice person, but that he's changed now because of her and Charlotte. Nina says she just wants honesty from him because jealousy makes people do bad things.

Nelle comes home. Nina asks her to spy on someone for her.

Valentin stops by Anna's to give her back the watch, but Anna's not ready to let him go.

I'm spoiler free, but is it safe to assume by her behavior that this isn't Anna,, but likely her twin sister Alex? 

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