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Dollar Bill Rattles The Dressmaker's Cage on The Bold and the Beautiful

Brooke's kitchen is LA's latest hotspot!
Don Diamont

Don Diamont

Coco tells RJ that his family has every right to pursue their lawsuit. She's not sure she can send her sister to prison. RJ explains that she has to be convicted, and that may not happen. He asks her to think about it. She's not sure she can make that step.

In the kitchen, Ridge tells Brooke that Spectra needs to pay for their crimes. Brooke concedes that a civil suit is in order, but balks at a 15-year term. She asks if they really have enough to bring a conviction. Ridge explains why they need Coco's help. Brooke sympathizes with Coco's plight.

Ridge points out her engagement ring again. They talk about Bill and his loyalty to her, something Ridge can't give. Ridge tells her he does not have feelings for Quinn.

Wyatt is stroking Bill's big, tall building again. He asks about Brooke. Bill tells him that Brooke needs someone that she can count on, not a loser like Ridge. Wyatt questions why Bill is so hard up to get the scoop on the busted engagement. He tells him it must have been something big...and he wants to know what it is.

Coco asks RJ what he would do. He says he would tell the truth and sign the statement. He tells her that she needs to look out for herself...for her future, and theirs (is it any wonder I drink?).

RJ tells her he will support her no matter what. He says he will help her get her job back so they can be together. Coco starts to flip out about being away from RJ and her great internship. She just wants everything to go back to the way it was. RJ picks up his man sac and gives his gal a squeeze.

The self-proclaimed Great Spencerini is so happy he was able to scoop up Brooke from Ridge. Wyatt tells him to back off because Brooke may be protecting her family, including RJ.

The men discuss which Forrester they could exploit for information. Wyatt mentions Quinn, but they agree she hates Ridge. They eliminate Katie, Caroline, and an obsessed fan. Wyatt just tells him to give it up, but Bill wants leverage.

Ridge reminds Brooke of all the good times they've shared. Yes, you guessed it, a montage. He tells her that she is the only one he loves. Brooke tears up. Ridge keeps begging for a chance when Bill walks in.

Bill asks him what he did. Ridge says it's not his concern. Brooke has to make a call, so she leaves the boys alone. Bill tells him he will dig and dig until he exposes his dirty secret (remember, it's just a kiss or few, nothing more).

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