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Perkie's Observations: Sonny Wants Those Pills Analyzed on General Hospital

Anthony Montgomery, Maurice Benard

Anthony Montgomery, Maurice Benard

Nelle wonders who Nina wants her to spy on. Nina says Valentin is keeping secrets. Nelle tells her not to make assumptions that she'll regret.

Anna stops Valentin from leaving. She says she owes him her life because he got her to the hospital when she fainted at Wyndemere. She says it opened her eyes to the real him. Anna wants to drink champagne to celebrate.

Griffin pays Andre a visit. He wants to discuss Anna and why she would get treatment somewhere other than GH. Lucy stops by to harass them about the Nurse's Ball.

Ava and Kiki enjoy a meal together and discuss her position at the hospital. Ava's still concerned about how it will affect Kiki. She feels being a nurse's aide makes her happy.

Bobbie confronts Sonny about having Jax deported, but he doesn't really care. Bobbie says all he's doing is punishing those in his path, like Josslyn. Sonny claims something inside him broke when Morgan died and he has questions he wants answers to.

Carly drops by the mansion with food for Michael. She tells him that Jax is gone for good. Michael doesn't absolve Sonny, but does point out that Jax will fix this. He warns his mother not to go after Sonny for this.

Michael wonders why Carly didn't go with Jax. She says she has a life here and can't leave Michael in Nelle's path. When Michael doesn't immediately poo poo Nelle, Carly reminds him how terrible Nelle is. After all, she understands since she was like that herself. Carly tells him how she betrayed Jason. She adds that Nelle will break Michael's heart.

Lucy runs into Bobbie and Sonny. She hits him up for his usual Nurse's Ball contribution. When she spots the pill bottle in his hand, she backtracks and apologizes for overstepping. Sonny assures her that he'll be at the ball.

Bobbie mentions to Lucy that Sonny's determined to find out what happened to Morgan. Lucy worries about that.

Nina calls Valentin, wondering where he is. When Anna returns with the champagne, Valentin pretends to drop the call. Anna wants to toast to a new beginning. As he's leaving, Anna insists that he take the watch back, as a sign that they're now in a good place.

Sonny talks to Andre about the pill bottle. He wants an explanation to why Morgan spiraled out of control. Andre wonders if Morgan was taking something else that reacted to his pills, but without an autopsy there is no way to know.

Sonny tells Andre that he's sending the pills to a lab to be tested, which Andre agrees is a good idea. Kiki overhears them discuss it.

Griffin runs into Ava at the Rib. She mentions that she never knew he was a priest. Griffin wonders if she has something she wants to tell him. Ava offers to buy him a drink.

Carly runs into Nelle and Nina. She tells Nina about Nelle drugging Sonny. She gives Nina a warning. Nina tells Nelle that she's going to spy on Valentin for her and to make sure she's good at it.

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