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RJ Asks for Coco's Help on The Bold and the Beautiful

...but is she willing?
Courtney Grosbeck, Anthony Turpel

Courtney Grosbeck, Anthony Turpel

RJ tells Steffy to go after Spectra, not Coco. Steffy tells him she is the key, even though she acknowledges that she has to send her sister to prison.

Sally is surprised to see Coco. She tells her the next line she's working on is legit. Coco tells her she's applying for restaurant jobs, but won't steal from them. Sally promises she's not going to do bad things. She wants Coco to be with them where she belongs.

Zende and Nicole discuss their exciting dinner plans. Apparently, Zende can cook, but not speak clearly. I see big conflicts ahead for the newlyweds. Nicole is friends with Coco and feels for her. Zende reminds her they stole from the family. Nicole defends her, but Zende doesn't feel the same way.

Steffy explains that Spectra has to pay because actions have consequences (LOL!). RJ reiterates that Coco would be sending her sister to prison (which is repeated several more times before the episode is over). They just want her help to get Spectra. All RJ wants to know is if she will be rehired if she cooperates. Amazingly, Steffy and Ridge leave it up to RJ to contact Coco.

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RJ makes the call to Coco. RJ tells her the family wants to see her. She tells him she will come over to Forrester. She insists to Sally that their romance is over. Coco repeats Shirley's mantra that Spectras steal and betray their loved ones. Coco tells her that she is having a hard time accepting that Sally could put her in this position. Sally throws some shade to Grams that it was her idea all along, but swears she's done with it.

Steffy and Ridge blab to Zende and Nicole about their legal plans. As Coco approaches Forrester, she has flashbacks of her precious time with RJ (sounds familiar, like yesterday). Steffy insists they are doing the right thing. Nicole thinks prison time is extreme. Ridge and Zende side with Steffy.

Later, Shirley and Sally wonder if there will be a price to pay. Underneath it all, Grams doesn't want to change their successful business plan. Sally whines about betraying her sister. Shirley tells her that Coco's young and will get over it. Sally reflects that maybe they will get through it after all.

Coco tells RJ she's sorry. RJ lays out what she needs to do in legal terms. Coco agrees because Sally is profiting off of stolen goods and wants to make it right. RJ tells her about the criminal charges and informs Coco that Sally could go to prison for up to 15 years. Back up the truck! She makes RJ sweat when she reiterates that he wants her to send her sister up the river for a very long time.

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