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Perkie's Observations: Carly Wants to Take Sonny to the Cleaners on General Hospital

Laura Wright

Laura Wright

Jason wakes up from a nightmare that he's hurting Jake. He explains to Sam how Jake is afraid of the old Jason. Sam says Jake suffered lots of trauma at Helena's hands. Jason worries that Jake could have seen things when Jason was under her control. Sam feels all they can do is help Jake move forward, but Jason wants answers.

Jake fakes being sick in order to stay home. Liz tells Franco that she's concerned about him. She explains about Jake being afraid of the old Jason. Liz says Jason has no memory of his time on Cassadine Island. Franco is certain Jake was traumatized by Jason there.

Liz is certain that Jason wouldn't have hurt Jake, but Franco counters that Jason didn't know his own actions. Jake wants to color with Franco. When he opens the timeline, he sees the number 0705 has been added. When Franco questions Jake, he suddenly doesn't feel well.

Laura checks in with Monica on Samira's condition. Both women don't understand why Tracy isn't willing to give up the painting. I keep reminding everyone that Tracy doesn't have to do anything and to leave the poor woman alone.

Dillon finds Tracy arguing with Edward's photo. She wonders if Dillon thinks she's a bad person for not giving up the painting. Dillon reassures her that even if she doesn't, he'll still love her because she's his mother.

Diane tells Alexis that she won't be charged with aiding and abetting Julian. Carly interrupts, telling Alexis that she needs a divorce lawyer. She tells Diane that she'll be fighting Sonny hard.

Samira's anxious to be released from the hospital. She tells Kiki that she's decided the only way to save her daughter is to switch places with her. Kiki tells her not to act out of fear, saying Tracy may still change her mind.

Ava pops by Sonny's to discuss preschool options for Avery, which is more of a pretext to find out about Carly. Diane arrives to talk to Sonny. Ava leaves, but not before finding out that a divorce is pending.

Carly tells Alexis that Sonny had Jax deported and that she's done with her marriage. Alexis reminds her that she hasn't gotten her license reinstated, but refers her to the name of good lawyer.

Laura tries to work on Tracy again. She tells her that Samira will lose her daughter because of the unrest in Turkey. Tracy feels it's very convenient that Samira showed up with her sad story just moments after Tracy received the painting.

Laura says the letter from Edward is what is important, but Tracy isn't buying it. Tracy wonders if Edward cheated on Lila and if he's worthy of all her angst. Tracy says no matter the outcome of the DNA test, she's not giving up the painting.

The ICE agent shows up at the hospital to question Monica about Samira's whereabouts. He demands to know why Monica lied when she told him that Samira wasn't at the mansion. Monica denounces that again. He shows her a photo of her and Samira. Monica realizes it was taken by Lord Larry.

Kiki wants Dillon's help. They have to get Samira out of the hospital without being seen by the ICE agent. Dillon doesn't think she'll be any safer at the mansion. The two help Samira to the elevator just as Ned is getting out. The ICE agent tells Monica that he's going to arrest her. Ned tells him where he can find Samira.

Ava runs into Carly and suggests a toast to her divorce. Ava says Carly will now be out of Avery's life, since she will no longer be married to Sonny. Carly throws her weight around, warning Ava that she will still be a mother to Avery.

Diane tells Sonny that Carly will make his life miserable and that he shouldn't have gone after Jax. Sonny says Carly will leave the marriage with what she went into it. Diane reminds him that when he thought he had killed Morgan, he put some money in trust for his kids. He signed over all of his assets to Carly. She tells him that Carly now holds all the cards.

Carly calls the lawyer that Alexis recommended and tells them that she wants everything from Sonny.

Alexis stops by Sam's. She tells her that she wants to go back to Cassadine Island to investigate. Alexis is adamant that Sam not go back.

Jason heads to Liz's, hoping to take another look at the book for clues. Liz mentions the addition to the timeline and wonders what it could mean. Jason points out that it's a date, Jake's birthdate. 

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