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Sally Trumps Coco's Move on The Bold and the Beautiful

Courtney Grosbeck, Courtney Hope

Courtney Grosbeck, Courtney Hope

Let's start rolling with a flashback of Thomas and Sally in Australia. Thomas answers his cell and tells Sally not to call him anymore. She promises to make it all up to him. He says there is nothing she can do. He hangs up.

Steffy fills in Thomas about their legal action against Spectra. RJ comes in and tells Steffy and Thomas that Coco will sign the statement. Thomas wants to know if they really want to send Sally and Grams to the big house. Steffy explains that a lawsuit can clear the way for civil damages and money. When she equates the Spectras to cockroaches, Thomas reminds her that they are people too.

Detective Foodhead and Carter come in looking for updates about their progress. RJ tells them that Coco has agreed to help them. Steffy informs Thomas that even though he may not agree to go along with them, they will go forward as a family.

Thomas asks RJ what he thinks. RJ agrees with Steffy and Ridge. NOT because Forrester lost a crap ton of time, money, and effort, BUT ONLY because Coco was thrown under the bus by her family.

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Maya is modeling while Rick, Nicole, and Zende pass Lizzie around. Uncle Zende takes her and says that the next baby in the family will be his. Maya remarks that the interns normally babysit Lizzie when she's working. Zende asks which one, implying that Coco isn't capable. He trashes her intrusive jewelry cams and talks about why she can't be trusted.

Nicole and Zende fill Rick and Maya in on the lawsuit. I guess Rick doesn't need to know these things anymore. Nicole ends up defending Coco and puts the blame squarely on Grams. Nicole tells Maya she could never do that to her, no matter what (but she was ready to out her as transgender).

Sally wants to know if the Forresters understand that Coco was innocent. Coco waivers about when she will return to her internship. They banter back and forth about it. Coco tells Sally it will be harder for her to turn back on her. Coco reminds her that she stole Forrester's designs and ruined all their futures. Sally tells her to go forward with what RJ requested until she realizes that she could be in real legal trouble. 

They talk about their failed dreams and their new realities. Coco says she wants a better life than what she always knew. When she tells Sally that she is going to sign the legal statements, Sally stops her and says she will take care of it.

Later, Pam lets Sally and Coco into Steffy's office. Thomas tries to stop Sally from accepting responsibility for the crimes she committed. Steffy tells the detective not to accept a confession that can't be used in court. I guess she's a legal whiz too! When he finally finishes that lemon bar, the detective  reads Sally her rights.