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Sally Is Led Away in Cuffs on The Bold and the Beautiful


Lt. Baker tells Sally she's under arrest for industrial espionage and grand larceny. Thomas intervenes before she gets handcuffed. He needs a minute alone with her. Thomas tears up as she apologizes. She says she should have listened to her heart. All the money isn't worth the pain in his eyes.

Steffy explains to Coco how sorry she is and that she doesn't want to see Sally go to prison, but it's out of her hands. RJ and Coco leave. He wants to know why Sally confessed. Coco tells him everything that happened between them. Once Sally understood what Coco would do, she decided to take the burden off her.

Coco calls Grams. She explains that Sally turned herself in and that she is in big trouble. Coco gets all shaky and RJ hugs her. Saul is concerned about Sally's future.

Baker is getting impatient. Pam calls an intern to bring up his favorite hot dog and relish while he waits for Sally and Thomas. He asks Steffy if she's willing to send Sally up the river. She claims she takes no pleasure punishing Sally, but she crossed a legal line. Carter tells her she can change her mind.

Sally wants Thomas to understand, but he's at a loss. She talks about Gram's relentlessness. She caved under the pressure and didn't want to let anyone down. Thomas tells her he believed in her, he loved her, and would have helped her if she asked. Instead, she chose to lie and steal from his family.

Coco approaches Steffy and pleads her sister's case. She tells her Sally knows she done wrong, but she's not cold and calculating. Steffy tells her she broke the law and that is that.

Sally pulls the martyr card and confesses all her misdeeds, questioning how she turned into this person. Thomas says he will never understand why she didn't come to him. She whines about being a con, a grifter, a joke, and a criminal. She tells him she will cancel the orders and stop production to make it right. She adds that she's no good and he should run.

Thomas embraces a tearful Sally. Steffy tells Baker to arrest her. While tears flow...from slow motion like a funeral march, Sally is cuffed and led away. Despite the 180-degree feelings of sadness on Steffy's face, she doesn't stop the arrest.

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