A Party of Five Agree to Keep Eric in the Dark on The Bold and the Beautiful

Rena Sofer, Ashleigh Brewer, Heather Tom, Katherine Kelly Lang

Rena Sofer, Ashleigh Brewer, Heather Tom, Katherine Kelly Lang

At the mansion, Eric asks Ridge about his progress with Brooke. He tells his father that Brooke is engaged to Bill...already. He still thinks he has a chance with her. Eric tells him to follow his gut. If he wants Brooke, then he should go after her. He tells Ridge how much he loves and depends on Quinn.

Quinn didn't know that Ivy was coming back from Australia. She sends Katie on an errand. Ivy questions why Katie is there working with them, but she already knows the answer.

Quinn acknowledges Katie is a nuisance. Ivy deduces that Katie is there to watch her. She asks her what happened in Australia. She gets the scoop and thanks Quinn for telling her the truth. She explains that Katie is abusing her power. Quinn tells Ivy she won't stand for being at work and under Katie's watchful eye. Quinn tells Ivy she won't do anything to hurt Eric again.

Katie gets a press kit from Brooke. She notices she's wearing Bill's ring. Brooke tells her she can't be with a man who doesn't trust her. Brooke wonders how she really got her job and accuses her of blackmail. Katie insists that Quinn offered her the job at just the right time. That doesn't satisfy Brooke. She thinks Katie is enjoying her leverage. Brooke reiterates that Eric can't find out. Brooke wonders if she's trying to undermine Eric's marriage.

Quinn and Ivy come into the office with Brooke and Katie. Quinn implores her to try again with Ridge. Then, she notices Bill's ring. Brooke tells them they need to concentrate on work. Here comes Ridge! He tells Katie not to blab. She's the only one of the five conspirators who wants to. He tells her to put it to rest. They tell her she could tear up the family and wonder if that's what she really wants to do. He tells Katie he already paid the price by losing Brooke. She agrees to back off if Quinn and Ridge agree to a lip's off policy. Apparently, the thought of Brill doesn't bother Katie anymore.

After Ridge leaves, Pam drops by to chat with Eric. He glows about how the family has come together in this crisis. Eric tells Pam that he and Ridge have always had a special relationship. (Cough, choke!)

Alone in the office, Ridge tells a tearful Brooke he will fight for her because she's always his Logan.

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