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Perkie's Observations: A Chimera Commands Attention on General Hospital

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Billy Miller, Rebecca Herbst, Roger Howarth, Kelly Monaco

Billy Miller, Rebecca Herbst, Roger Howarth, Kelly Monaco

Valentin inspects the necklace. Anna reminds him that it was the last case file she asked him to steal for her. She claims she'll cherish the memories of their last night together and swears she never meant to break his heart.

Jason's certain that he's seen the chimera somewhere before. He worries that something bad will happen.

Franco and Liz find the new drawing that Jake left them. They research it online. JaSam come over to show Friz the new page in the book.

Ava's happy that the pills won't come back to bite her. Now that CarSon are divorcing, she wants Scott's help in getting custody of Avery. Scott says despite the cracks in the CarSon marriage, they'll stand united against Ava for Avery. His advice is to let things be.

Josslyn is still upset that Jax was deported and that she needs to fly around the world every time she wants to see him. Carly tells her that she needs to accept it.

Sonny stops by to tell Carly about the pill bottle being found at The Rib. He explains that he had an independent lab analyze them. Sonny says the pills are lithium and that Morgan's death had nothing to do with the pills.

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The talk turns to their divorce. Carly says she plans on keeping everything. Sonny points out that she's the one that was unfaithful and he'll bring it up. Carly says he signed everything over to her and she now owns it all.

Josslyn returns and gets angry with Sonny. He apologizes, but Josslyn refuses to forgive him. After Sonny leaves, Carly tells Josslyn she wants her to stay with Jax while she's dealing with the divorce. Josslyn notices Carly's wedding ring and wonders if she's really done with Sonny.

Friz and JaSam discuss their options regarding Jake. Franco worries that they're running out of time. Jason is certain whatever is wrong is connected to his birthday. Jason admits that Franco has a connection to Jake and wants him to help him.

Valentin offers to drive Anna home, but his car won't start. Anna continues to try and gets under his skin. Anna says she's grateful he didn't seek revenge and give the report about the chimera to the DVX. Valentin says others were interested, which concerns Anna.

Sonny heads to the Haunted Star for a drink. He runs into a beautiful woman and flirts with her. Ava sees them leave together. Why do I get the feeling the woman will turn out to be Carly's new divorce lawyer?

Jason tells Sam that he needs to go back to Cassadine Island. 

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