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Zende Has Head Designer Dreams on The Bold and the Beautiful

Who knew? Nobody!
Rome Flynn

Rome Flynn

Sally is sitting comfy in her office. She and Grams argue about their future, but she's adamant they are closing their doors. Saul won't let Sally's dream die. Sweet, she says, but that's the breaks. He reminds them the building is ready to be demolished.

Nicole wants compassion for the Spectras and Zende agrees that no one should spend 15 years in jail (HUH?) They marvel at how Thomas has designed an entire collection IN WEEKS (I must have missed that bit). 

In his spare time, Zende has been designing. He hasn't shown anyone, but Nicole wondered what he was up to when they should have been honeymooning.

Steffy is impressed with Thomas' work on the collection. Oddly, she says she is concerned about Sally's welfare and is worried about how Thomas feels. Thomas assures Steffy that the collection will be done on time, but his feelings haven't changed. Steffy admits she doesn't want to see Sally go to prison (REALLY????).  

Maya, along with ALL of the viewers, are shocked that Zende wants to design. He studies and sketches all night long, so we hear. Maya wonders how the top dogs will react when they see his drawings. 

Zende interrupts Steffy and Thomas. He has some sketches to show off! What? What? He is soooo impressed with himself, but Steffy reminds him that he's a photographer. When pressed, they tell Zende his sketches are interesting. He's insulted that they just don't put him on the fast track. Thomas tries to explain they have a time issue. Zende says it's because he's a Dominguez. (Thomas should explain that Ridge is a Marone). Steffy tries to tell Zende he will have a chance, but not now. (The show is making up a fake rivalry to create a story. Sigh.)

CJ tells the Spectras they need $100,000 to pay the rent. He has an offer pending, and as much as he wants them to stay, he needs to accept it. Everyone looks sad. After he leaves, Grams is ready to fight, but sad sack Sally is ready to be done with all of it. She lost her sister and her man... and faces criminal charges.

Maya tells Nicole not to be disappointed if Zende's sketches aren't welcomed. She explains that Thomas had to earn his stripes. They may not be so nice to Zende, especially since they are under the gun with a time limit. Nicole wants this to work for Zende. Apparently, he wants a connection to his family, but photography isn't enough.

FYI...I will be on the road tomorrow night. This recap may be very late Thursday night or skipped over until Friday. Thanks for your understanding! :-)

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