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Perkie's Observations: Tracy Bids Farewell to Port Charles on General Hospital

Jane Elliot

Jane Elliot

Tracy tells the group that she will be selling the painting and starting a new life. Ned and Dillon try to talk her out of it, but she says they're living their own lives. Tracy tells Olivia that she's grateful to her for being there for Ned. Olivia tells Ned that she'll take on the Quartermaine name once they're married.

Finn says he's never had a friend like her. Tracy counters that her outlook changed thanks to him. Tracy tells Hayden not to mess things up.

Lulu says Tracy is her hero. Laura thanks Tracy for being there for Lulu when she couldn't. Michael promises to be more like Tracy at work. Tracy says she has faith in his ability to run the company.

Tracy tells Ned that he didn't need to change his name, since he's always been a Quartermaine. Monica tells Tracy that over the years she's become like a sister to her.

Tracy says her final goodbyes and leaves, only to return and give one last hug to Monica, Dillon, and Ned. I'm not crying, YOU'RE crying.

Now, onto the nonsense part of the show.....

Martina points out that Sonny signed all his holdings over to Carly and they'll fight to keep them. She brings up his secret illegal offshore accounts, but Carly doesn't want to fight that dirty. Sonny's not giving in to Carly's demands, so they're heading to court.

Sonny questions what games Martina is playing. She swears she thought he was a random stranger when they hooked up. Sonny feels her continuing to represent Carly is a violation. Martina says she's not going to mess up her reputation and will continue as Carly's lawyer. She adds that Sonny will keep his mouth shut about their one night stand.

Diane tries to have Carly see the error of her ways, claiming again that Carly is the one to fix Sonny. I say he's a grown ass man and he should clean up his own messes. Carly refuses to back down.

In other nonsense that should not have happened during Tracy's final episode, Amy heads over to Maxie's to bitch her out for not helping with the Nurse's Ball. Nathan explains that Maxie has gone to Portland. Amy natters on about how Maxie was mean to her in high school. Nathan's unsure where he stands with Maxie, so Amy reassures him that they'll work things out. When he's not looking she takes a photo of Naxie, tears up Maxie's side of it and keeps Nathan's side for herself. Bitch be crazy, amirite?!

Tracy finds a buyer willing to pay 60 million for the painting. She decides to sell it. We see lovely flashbacks of Tracy. Tracy heads to a coffee shop where Luke happens to be hanging out. What the heck was with Tony Geary's hair??

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