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Thomas Saves Sally's Hide on The Bold and the Beautiful

Courtney Hope, Pierson Fodé

Courtney Hope, Pierson Fodé

Sorry for the delay. I'm out of town keeping busy with the family this weekend. That said, here goes!

Wyatt questions Bill's disinterest and impatience in their meeting. He tells Wyatt that after their next meeting with Jarrett, he is off to plan his wedding with Brooke.

Bill wants Jarrett to write a funeral piece on the end of Spectra Fashions. Jarrett laments that Sally resorted to stealing, but admits she has talent that needs some polishing.

Bill teases Jarrett that he's sympathetic to Sally. Wyatt points out that Jarrett feels his first review sent them down the wrong path. Bill boasts that he doesn't care because Spectra will be out, he will get his building, and his Brooke. After Bill leaves, Wyatt assures Jarrett that Bill will be more mellow after his wedding.

Carter tells Steffy and Thomas that Sally has a pre-trial hearing. Steffy tells Thomas that she went to see Sally after the show. Though the situation is sad, she deduces that stealing is in the Spectra DNA. We learn through the wise Steffy that actions have consequences. Thomas agrees, except for the jail time. He whines that they had a future, but now she's going away.

Sally's lawyer explains to Shirley that 15 years is the worst case scenario. He tells them if criminal charges are dropped, she can avoid jail time. The lawyer is thankful to have his lucky penny with him.

At Il Giardino, Ridge sits down at Brooke's table uninvited. She tells him that he should leave before Bill shows up. She adds that they will be doing some wedding planning. He points out that her feelings will not go away just because she is going to marry Bill. She tells him that she will always have feelings, but they don't have to mean anything. (???)

Bill arrives at the restaurant and tells Ridge to beat it. He questions (again) what Ridge did to chase Brooke away. Brooke balks. Bill tells Brooke he will back off when Ridge leaves her alone. Ridge agrees as long as Brooke really, really means what she says.

Sally's lawyer tells the judge he wants him to drop the criminal charges because she cancelled all orders and has apologized (repeatedly!). The judge counters that Sally should not expect less than a 5 year sentence. He asks Carter if the Forresters want to proceed and he says yes.

As they set up a court date, Shirley begs for mercy. The judge tells her that they can testify later. Saul steps in and gives it a go. He wonders if there is someone who is not an employee or a relative.

The door opens...dum, dum,'s Thomas! He is willing to speak on Sally's behalf. He tells the judge that Sally and the gang should pay. He accepts her regrets and apologies. He doesn't think the company should continue on, but doesn't think jail is the answer. When he's done, he walks out. Sally chases him into the hall. She tells him she loves him, more than anyone, ever! As the orchestra music swells in the background, they kiss.