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Perkie's Observations: Ava Maneuvers For Custody on General Hospital

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Maura West

Maura West

I was delayed by a computer hang-up.

Jordan tells Julian that the kidnapping charges are being dropped because Alexis told them that she went with him willingly. Jordan is determined to make the other charges against him stick.

Alexis runs into the lawyer in charge of her reinstatement and asks what her chances are. Malcolm tells her that her chances have not improved and questions why she was in the hotel room with Julian. Alexis swears she wasn't aiding and abetting. He says she needs to avoid the appearance of impropriety.

Griffin tells Finn that his second drug test came back positive and he is out. Finn swears he's not using and thinks the tests are being tampered with. Griffin doesn't believe him until Hayden shows up. Hayden had a conversation with Brad, who's still feels slighted. Hayden says the positive test was a set up.

Carly wants Martina to tell her what she and Sonny were talking about. Martina deflects, claiming it was about the case and how to settle.

Ava and Sonny meet at a preschool for Avery. Ava tells him that she saw him leave with Martina. Sonny warns her to mind her own beeswax. The preschool woman arrives. She tells them that the class is full and there is no room for Avery. Sonny throws his weight around, then lays down the charm. The woman decides to offer a spot to Avery.

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Michael can't believe Carly's going after Sonny's legitimate businesses. Carly says Sonny will pay for what he did to Jax. Carly asks if Michael is on her side. He says he's neutral and doesn't want her to provoke a war. Carly says Sonny brought it on himself and will face the consequences.

Alexis pays Julian a visit. He doesn't want to ruin her life anymore. Alexis says he didn't force her. Jordan is not happy to see the two of them together and tears a strip off of Alexis.

Griffin agrees to let Finn take one more drug test. Brad overhears, loses it, and goes off on everyone. Griffin realizes that Brad might be behind the test results.

Michael pays Sonny a visit. Sonny says he's not backing off and won't let Carly destroy his businesses. Michael tells him to take time to cool off, otherwise Carly will win.

Ava runs into Martina. She recognizes her as the woman with Sonny. When Ava finds out that she's a family attorney, she wants to discuss her custody case. Martina says she's busy with another case. Ava finds out that Martina is Carly's lawyer. 

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