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Liam Probes Jarrett for Information on The Bold and the Beautiful

Andrew Collins, Scott Clifton

Andrew Collins, Scott Clifton

CJ stops in at Spencer for a meeting, but Wyatt tells him Bill is out. Wyatt tries to talk around Liam. CJ spills all the tea about all the goings on at Spectra.

Steffy deduces that Thomas went to the pretrial hearing. He tells her that jail time is too severe. Steffy accuses Thomas of still being in love with Sally.

Carter tells the judge that because of Thomas, Eric no longer wants to pursue criminal charges. Carter clarifies that Forrester wants Spectra's assets seized, damages paid, and their business shut down. Sally tells the judge she will take the deal. She thanks Carter, but he says she should thank Thomas.

Brooke tells Ridge that she is committed to Bill and they will be married. Ridge tells her again that he is not giving up on her. He finally leaves. Bill tells her he can never hurt her again. Brooke wants them to make peace for RJ's sake. She says that RJ has really warmed up to Bill (since when???).

Righteous Liam (who is newly remarried to Steffy), questions Bill's motives. He wonders if he compromised Spectra's business so he could erect Peen Tower. He sees Bill's actions as a conflict of interest since they are a media empire. Wyatt tells him to back off and let him and Bill handle the Peen.

Carter tells Thomas and Steffy about the agreement. Steffy acts as if it's not enough to destroy their business. Steffy tells Thomas he has to forget Sally.

At Spectra, Sally is grateful for her freedom. The crew realizes they have nothing left. Sally calls Thomas and thanks him. She tells him it's over and is leaving California. She wants to see him one more time before she goes. Teary Thomas agrees.

Wyatt calls Bill at lunch and fills him in on CJ's visit. He lets him know Spectra is finished. He expresses concern about Liam's suspicions.

Liam gets a hold of Jarrett. He want to know more about Bill's scheme. Jarrett, who should never be a spy, cracks immediately. He tells him about the review he was forced to write versus the one he wanted to. Liam goes off when he finds out that Bill wrote the published review. Jarrett acknowledges that the review ruined Sally. Liam is pissed that it's all because of Peen Tower.

A happy Bill Spencer gives a loud stallion whinny with a hoof stomp at the restaurant. He tells Brooke about his plans for the Spectra property.

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