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Perkie's Observations: Martina Coaches Carly to Play Hard Ball on General Hospital

Daya Vaidya, Laura Wright

Daya Vaidya, Laura Wright

Michael reminds Sonny that Carly has all the leverage, which could force him into exile. Michael wants Sonny to delay the divorce proceedings for as long as possible so Carly will see the light.

Martina tells Ava that she's based in LA and is not interested in more business in PC. Carly realizes that Ava will want to challenge the custody agreement and warns Ava away. Carly tells Martina that Avery belongs with Sonny, and she'll stand by that.

Martina questions whether Carly is divorcing or defending Sonny. Carly says she doesn't want the divorce to affect the kids. Martina says she needs to separate her emotions and protect her assets. Martina tells Carly to list the times she helped Sonny versus the times he undermined her. She tells Carly to put her rings back on because it makes a statement.

Sam stops by the hospital to talk to Liz about Jason, but Franco interrupts. Liz says Franco's involved and Sam might as well share her news with him as well. Sam says Jason is on his way to Cassadine Island. She's worried because nothing good happens there.

Jason's in Greece, but not on the island. He seeks out Daphne. He shows her a photo of Jake and asks if she's seen him before. Daphne says she heard that Helena had a boy on the island.

Jason shows her the photo of chimera and the book, but Daphne feels it's all a fairy tale. Jason wants Daphne to take him to the island, but she's too scared. Daphne offers to draw a map of where Jason can find what he's looking for.

Ava stops by Sonny's. She lets him know that she is aware that he slept with Carly's lawyer to sabotage the case. Sonny warns her not to threaten him or he'll make sure she never sees Avery. Ava changes her tune and says she'll keep quiet, but she wants the weekend with Avery.

Ava wants them to work together to make Avery's life better. Sonny warns that he won't let her take advantage of his breakup. Ava swears she wants them to parent together.

Nelle and Charlotte run into Michael and Avery at the park. Michael tells Nelle that he's stuck between his parents. He mentions that Carly does not want him to see Nelle. Ava shows up to see Avery. Michael allows her, but only after checking with Sonny.

Ava spends quality time with the adorable Avery.

Andre asks Carly about the lab results. She tells him that the pills were lithium as prescribed and they weren't responsible for Morgan's downward spiral.

Carly's sad that she'll never know why Morgan died. Andre asks for the results to add to Morgan's file. He notices that the pills were 300 mg instead of the 600 mg that he prescribed.

Sonny summons Martina for a chat.

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