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Steffy Wants to Keep Thomas In the Dark on The Bold and the Beautiful

The erection of Peen Tower may hit a snag!
Scott Clifton, Jacqueline MacInnes Wood

Scott Clifton, Jacqueline MacInnes Wood

Spencer Publishing must be in a slow business period. Billy builds a Lego warehouse with a sticky tab that reads "Spectra". He revs up a bulldozer (vroom vroom noises and all) and smashes the warehouse. Wyatt walks in. He turns back into Dollar Bill and tells Wyatt that by the end of the day his playtoy fantasy will be a reality.

Grams and the crew are packing up the warehouse. Sally tells them that CJ is coming by to pick up the keys. Saul tells her it's not entirely her fault because they made decisions as a team.

In the office, Steffy steers the conversation from their upcoming collection to Sally...again. Thomas tells her he is going to see her. She doesn't understand his feelings. Liam appears in the office while they are discussing Sally's theft, Jarrett's original article, and the downfall of the House of Spectra. Thomas leaves.

Bill tells Wyatt that Thomas and Sally were chummy in Australia. He explains he has nothing against Sally personally, he just wants the property site. He walks over to Peen Tower. He rubs it up and down and coos, "Don't you worry sweetheart, daddy's about to take you home."

Grams is optimistic about their future, but Sally isn't. Saul wishes Sally would reconsider leaving California. He offers to go with her, wherever she goes. She tells him she has to find her own way.

Bill reiterates to Wyatt that only three people know about him writing the review under Jarrett's name, and it has to stay that way. Wyatt wonders if Spectra could have survived if Bill hadn't intervened.

Liam wants to know if Steffy would feel differently about Sally if she knew the truth about the OG review. He explains about Peen Tower, its location, and how he suspects Bill is behind Sally's downfall. Steffy is surprised to learn that Bill may have written the review just to get his Peen erected.

Thomas arrives at Spectra. Grams and Saul thank Thomas for keeping Sally out of jail. The couple goes into her office. Sally gives Thomas another apology dance. Thomas can't forgive what she did, but he didn't want to see her go to prison. Sally tells him she's going back home to work in the bakery with Grams.

But wait! She has one last design and she wants Thomas to have it. Thomas says it's elegant and gorgeous. He wonders why she ever doubted herself as a designer.

Liam tells Steffy what was in Jarrett's review. She wishes she didn't know this information. Steffy wants to Liam to keep quiet about it. Apparently, Sally hasn't suffered enough and she wants him away from Thomas. Liam agrees, but wants to know if she could live with herself while lying to her brother.

Thomas tells Sally to stay. He encourages her to find a job and stick it out a bit. She wonders if he could ever forgive her. It's time for relationship history flashbacks! After those, she tells Thomas he was the best part of her dream and kisses him goodbye.

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