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Bill Makes an Offer for the Spectra Property on The Bold and the Beautiful

Mick Cain, Don Diamont

Mick Cain, Don Diamont

Bill offers CJ a check for the property plus the $100,000 Spectra owes him. CJ explains that a loan was extended one time based on orders. He tells Bill it can happen again. Bill and CJ leave.

Wyatt is ordering lunch from Bill's chair and drinking his booze when Liam walks in. He wants to chat his brother up about Jarrett's review. Liam tells Wyatt that their father could put his building on any lot. Wyatt says Spectra wouldn't have survived anyway. Liam informs his bro that he told Steffy everything.

Coco comes to see her family. Sally is sad that it's over. Cue the Spectra montage. Sally gives Coco her apartment key. She tells her sister that she and Grams are going to reopen the bakery.

CJ pops in at Spectra. He wants either a written notice to vacate or the money owed to him. Bill slides in behind CJ and tells everyone he already paid the debt.

Steffy flashes back to yesterday's episode when Liam told her about Bill's review. Thomas comes in and tells her that he won't be seeing Sally again. Steffy looks at the sketch that Sally did and wonders why she stole. Thomas remarks that the first review sunk her spirit. Thomas tells Steffy that he was the man that he wanted to be when he was with Sally. He wonders how he will find it again.

Steffy does a complete 180 from yesterday. She admits to Thomas that Jarrett said Sally had promise. She opens up and explains that Bill wrote the review. She tells him she got the information from Liam. Steffy admits that it doesn't excuse thievery, but she could see that she was desperate to keep up with the payroll and the rent. Thomas gets upset, but Steffy tells him she just found out. Thomas races out of the office, collection be damned!

Wyatt questions why Liam told Steffy. He warns him that Big Daddy won't be happy. Liam doesn't care. Wyatt claims he would have done what both Sally and Bill did. When Liam pushes back, Wyatt tells him a dress is just a dress. He thinks Liam should get over it and exclaims they don't need to talk about it anymore.

Sally wants to know what to write to CJ. Bill insults them, then explains to her that if the money owed can't be paid, they must vacate by the end of the business day. CJ apologizes to Sally. Bill gives CJ papers to sign. Thomas busts in to the office. He yells to CJ, "Whatever that is, don't sign it!"

Steffy explains to Liam why she changed her mind about Thomas. Liam sees the sketch and is duly impressed. She tells Liam she thinks Thomas is at Spectra with Bill.

Bill is impressed with Thomas' hero moment, but he claims that Sally is a rip-off artist. Thomas informs CJ he's being hustled. Bill calls Thomas a slow learner like his father. Sally tries to get Thomas out. Thomas unfolds Bill's plot to Sally and CJ. Bill tells CJ to take his check. Thomas tells Sally he believes in her potential and wants her to stay.

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