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Perkie's Observations: Lulu and Nina Square Off on General Hospital

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Michelle Stafford, Ryan Paevey, Jon Lindstrom, Emme Rylan, Genie Francis

Michelle Stafford, Ryan Paevey, Jon Lindstrom, Emme Rylan, Genie Francis

Sonny summons Martina. He lets her know that Ava saw them together at the Haunted Star and she likely will tell Carly. He wants them to settle the divorce quickly so that Ava has no leverage. Sonny wants Martina to convince Carly to give him back his assets.

Carly and Bobbie discuss the divorce. Carly tells her that she plans on keeping all of the assets that Sonny signed over to her. Bobbie warns her that Sonny will fight hard, but Carly is determined not to let Sonny intimidate her.

Bobbie wonders if CarSon still be together if Morgan hadn't died. Carly says she can no longer live in the fantasy of who she wants Sonny to be.

Lulu runs into Nina. She asks if she can take Charlotte on a trip to a fair with her family. Nina gets angry that Lulu is constantly pushing the boundaries of the custody agreement. Nina accuses Lulu of not doing what's best for Charlotte. Lulu's comeback is that Nina is just a stepmother and that Valentin will betray her.

Anna follows Valentin into the park. He wants to discuss the Chimera Project. Valentin is suspicious of her. Anna claims that it's hard to live with what she did to him all those years ago. Anna asks who he sold the chimera to. She wants to know if it was the DVX. Valentin says he had a better offer and he needed the money for surgery. He refuses to tell Anna anything else, except that everyone involved is now dead.

Jason's not happy when Franco shows up at his hotel in Greece. Franco says he's there to help Jake and that he has a boat to get them to Cassadine Island. Jason reluctantly accepts Franco's help.

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Lulu's worried that she lost her temper with Nina. She tells Laura and Kevin that things are going very well with Charlotte now. She promises to play nice with Valentin while winning Charlotte over. Lulu is certain that in time, Charlotte will see Valentin as the monster that he is and come running to her.

After Lulu leaves, Laura worries because she doesn't trust Valentin. Laura tells Kevin that if Valentin notices Lulu and Charlotte getting closer, he won't accept it and will hurt Lulu.

Nina tells Nathan that she knows Maxie did a lot for her when she started at Crimson. She adds that she offered Maxie her job back. Nathan's happy until Maxie sends Nina a text, turning down the position. She claims she's unsure if she'll be returning to PC.

Kristina checks up on her father, worried that he'll be cash poor when Carly takes him to the cleaners. Kristina mentions that she's been taking some classes and plans on taking more, but will hold off a year. Sonny reassures her that he can pay for her education, because he believes Carly will settle.

Martina meets with Carly and questions whether they should accept Diane's proposal. Carly questions why Martina now wants to settle. Martina says the cost will be great and Carly doesn't need Sonny's money. She wants a compromise. Carly refuses, saying she will keep everything.

Jason and Franco find the spot on the island that corresponds with Jake's drawing. Jason finds a wall with chains and remembers being in them. He tells Franco that he's the scarecrow.

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