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Perkie's Observations: Jason Remembers Helena on General Hospital

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Constance Towers, Billy Miller

Constance Towers, Billy Miller

Anna worries about what Valentin may have done with the chimera since it's a deadly toxin that someone could unleash. Valentin has a memory of selling the chimera container to Helena, but refuses to tell Anna that's who he sold it to.

Franco wonders what Jason did to Jake. Jason is certain that he didn't hurt the boy. Jason remembers being restrained, then shackled to the wall and beaten. Jason also remembers that Helena was there, ordering her minion to beat him. (Constance Towers still looks as fantastic as ever.) Jason can't quite seem to remember anything else. Franco knocks him out, then chains him to the wall.

Jordan and Curtis are enjoying a meal at the Metro Court. They notice Andre at the bar, followed by Valerie, which makes things awkward between them.

Valerie notices Jurtis (Cordan?) watching them and plays up the flirting with Andre, who wants nothing to do with it. He heads out.

Jordan questions whether Valerie and Andre are dating. Valerie bitterly asks if Jordan will warn her off, like she did with Curtis. Valerie says she was almost fired for dating Curtis and now here, Jordan is dating him.

Jake's upset that he can't open his birthday presents until his party. He gets a little tantrum-esque about it. Liz says they agreed to wait for Jason to return. I point out to Liz that if she were to put the presents in the closet, then out of sight out of mind.

Nathan takes Nina home. She notices that Valentin is not back from his run yet and assumes that he's with Anna. Nina complains about Valentin so, Nathan tells her to leave him or demand more. Nathan hates Valentin for what he's putting Nina through.

Kiki shows up at Liz's with a gift from Jake, which came from Franco. Neither women know that he's in Greece with Jason. They think that he's busy with something and can't be there. Jake receives a gift, allegedly from Spencer, which is delivered by Helena's minion.

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Anna claims she's drowning in guilt for what she did all those years ago. Valentin wonders if they can get to know each other now, with a fresh start. Andre walks up on them so Valentin leaves, which makes Anna angry.

Anna asks if Andre is keeping tabs, which he denies. Andre realizes that Anna is surveilling Valentin up close. Anna says she's in a good position to get information from him. Andre warns her that Valentin is dangerous, especially with her condition.

Andre says she's missing appointments. Anna claims she's having the procedure done elsewhere. She says she's still able to function and doesn't need his interference.

After Andre leaves, Anna gets a call from someone. She tells them that she's making progress and she plans on getting what they need. She adds that she wants this as much as they do.

Jake opens the gift which turns out to be a magic set. There's a secret note that leads him to the bottom of the case, where he finds the chimera container.

When Valentin gets home, Nina demands to know if he was with Anna. He admit that he was. Nina gets angry. She wants to know if he's having an affair, which he denies. Nina asks if he wants to. Valentin can't deny it, so she decides to leave with Nathan. Valentin pleads for her not to leave him.

Jason comes to, still chained to the wall. Franco punches Jason to get him to remember what happened. Jason remembers Helena saying he gets a clean kill every time and he now kills for her. Jason realizes that Jake was there and witnessed it.

When Franco frees Jason from the wall, Jason knocks Franco out. He chains him to the wall and leaves him there. 

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