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Perkie's Observations: Griffin Has News for Hayden on General Hospital

Rebecca Budig, Matt Cohen, Michael Easton

Rebecca Budig, Matt Cohen, Michael Easton

Nina returns to Wyndemere to get her things. Valentin tries to convince her not to leave again. Nina says Anna is between them and always will be. Valentin denies any feelings for Anna and that his family means everything to him. 

Nina says she doesn't want to be the woman she was. She claims she's changed. She doesn't like that her feelings have resurfaced because of his actions. He claims he took his vows seriously when they married and that he never lied to her. Valentin is surprised when Nina brings up the watch.  

Carly discusses divorcing Sonny with Olivia. She's the eleventy-eleventh person to tell Carly not to do it because of the love she still has, blah, blah, blah. Carly spots Olivia's ring and congratulates her. Olivia's frazzled with all the wedding plans, so Carly offers to take care of some of them for her. 

Griffin and Finn are waiting for the latest test results. They want to see if their plan to flush out the tampering scheme has worked.  

Hayden tells Curtis about the possible tampering of Finn's drug tests. Curtis offers his help to shut it down if needed. Finn shows up and tells Hayden that he bought a townhouse and he wants her to join him.  

Sonny runs into Andre and asks about the test results. Andre says he needs to find out what happened to Morgan and promises that he'll get answers.  

Anna's eavesdropping on Vina. The transmission gets cut off when Valentin takes off the watch and shoves it in Nina's purse. He tells her that all Anna wants to do is to make amends. He begs Nina to stay for Charlotte's sake.  

Nina tells him not to use Charlotte against her because she loves the child. Nina feels Anna will always be a problem between them. She adds that she can't be a good role model for Charlotte if she's such a jealous shrew.

Griffin runs into Anna, telling her that Robin called him. She is concerned, but Anna reassures him that she's taking care of herself.  

Andre tells Monica that he prescribed 600 mg of lithium for Morgan and doesn't know why the pills are 300 mg. Monica says she'll contact the pharmacy to see if they made the mistake. Andre feels he owes CarSon an answer.  

Griffin summons Finn and Hayden. He tells them that the latest test was positive. Fayden celebrate. The sample they gave actually came from Hayden. Griffin tells them that the test also shows that Hayden is pregnant.  

Nina complains to Curtis about Valentin. She finds the watch in her purse and stomps on it, breaking it. Curtis finds Anna's bug.  

Martina meets with Sonny and tells him that Carly is refusing to back down. She says they need to settle today and that Sonny needs to give Carly all of his legal assets. Sonny says he won't let Carly force him out of the country. Martina agrees to quit the case, saying it's better than being disbarred. The two shake on it. Carly arrives and demands to know why they're together holding hands.

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