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Perkie's Observations: Anna Is in London on General Hospital

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Finola Hughes

Finola Hughes

Hayden is shocked to hear the test shows she's pregnant. She wonders why the lab would have checked for that. Griffin promises to look into it. Hayden is certain the test is wrong.

Nina realizes that Anna has been targeting Valentin. She explains things to Curtis. Curtis warns Nina to be careful.

Anna wants to picnic with Valentin since they've gotten so close. He tells her that it's over between them. Anna calls someone. She explains that the watch has been destroyed and she's losing traction with Valentin.

Carly demands answers. Martina says she's quitting as her lawyer for personal reasons. Sonny says he knew Martina before from a previous case. Carly doesn't understand why Martina didn't tell her before she told Sonny.

Carly doesn't believe the story and calls them both out. Carly tells Martina to take a hike and tears a strip off of Sonny. She demands the truth from him, but Sonny dodges the question.

Nelle leaves a message for Nina that she wants out, which Michael overhears. Nelle explains that Nina wants her to spy. She explains that she can't do it and quit. Michael doesn't believe her, but Nelle says she had no choice since she wanted to stay in town.

Nelle plays the passive-aggressive game and says she has nothing keeping her in town. Michael doesn't fall for it and agrees that there is no reason for her to stay. After he leaves, Nelle gets attacked and mugged on the docks.

Jordan runs into Anna. She makes small talk about her health and Andre. Jordan wonders if there is anything between them, but Anna doesn't feel it's the right time to get into a relationship.

Jordan brings up what Valerie said about Curtis. Anna tells her to go for it. Anna says she shouldn't waste a moment.

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Valentin apologizes to Nina, claiming Anna means nothing to him. He says he was looking for closure, but he didn't get it. Valentin swears he doesn't want Anna, but Nina doesn't believe him. Nina says Anna was using him.

Nina shows him the bug from the watch and wonders why Valentin is shocked. He's not happy that Anna has messed up his life again.

Griffin tells Hayden that the test is positive and that she is pregnant. Finn and Hayden sit and discuss the shocking news. Hayden's not sure if she's ready to be a parent. The two declare their love for each other and Finn says he'll support whatever decision she makes.

Martina returns to find out from Sonny if their story was believable. Sonny says Carly knows they're lying and that she'll find out the truth.

Michael tells Carly that Nelle is leaving town. Carly tells him about her fight with Sonny.

Curtis asks Jordan to join him for the Nurses Ball and she accepts.

Valentin finds Anna and tells her that he can't fight what they have anymore. He wants to be alone with her.

In London, the real Anna is in a hospital bed. It looks like Alex has been in Port Charles all this time. 

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