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Perkie's Observations: Alex Tries to Seduce Valentin on General Hospital

Finola Hughes, James Patrick Stuart

Finola Hughes, James Patrick Stuart

*Disclaimer: It seems as though the show is now telling us that the woman in Port Charles is Alex, since Anna is in a hospital in London. So for this reason, I will be using Alex's name in her scenes, even though fellow characters don't know that it's not Anna.*

Anna wakes up in a hospital room in London, confused and unable to speak. The nurse at her bedside explains that she's Dr. Alex Marick, whom she works for. The nurse says that she's had a medical issue, but promises that she's in good hands. We hear Anna's thoughts, which are that she's not Alex, but Anna Devane.  

Valentin tells Alex that Nina has left him because of her and that he can't blame her. He claims he still has feelings for Anna. Alex brings up the chimera again. Seriously, this girl doesn't understand the concept of subtle.  

Alex says it should be locked up and asks again about the person that he sold it to. Valentin says that person is dead and there's nothing to worry about. Alex starts to get flirty, claiming she tried to respect his marriage. The two start to kiss and make out.  

DA Campbell pays Julian a visit. He reminds him that since he's an accomplice to Olivia's crimes, that he'll be serving consecutive life sentences. Campbell offers Julian a one-time deal, his freedom in exchange for evidence against Sonny. Julian turns down the offer. 

Alexis tells Scott that she's meeting with the bar association to get reinstated. Scott tells her that Julian is still on the hook for Olivia's crimes.  

Julian tells Scott about the DA's deal. He explains that he turned it down, which does not sit well with Scott. Scott tells Alexis to talk some sense into Julian.  

Jason gets home from Greece, literally with the shirt on his back. Seriously, that boy travels light. He explains to Sam that Franco followed him and that Jake thinks of him as the scarecrow.  

Franco tells Liz what happened on the island. He says they had a breakthrough about Jake. Franco asks about the magic box, but Jake has a strong reaction. He doesn't want Franco to see what's in it.  

Liz tells Jake that Jason's coming by. Jake absolutely doesn't want to discuss what happened when Jason looked differently.  

Jason and Sam join them in the park. Jason talks to Jake and reassures him that they can discuss anything. Jake admits that he's upset that he couldn't do anything to keep Jason from being beaten up.  

Jason says it's not his fault because Jake was stuck in a bad situation, but he survived it. He promises that Helena is gone and can't hurt them anymore. He also promises to protect Jake.  

Meanwhile, Sam accuses Franco of lying about his intentions. She says she told Liz that Jason was going to the island and that Franco horned in on that. Franco says he helped Jason spark his memories.  

Jason tells the others that he's certain Jake has turned a corner and will now start to heal. Franco apologizes to Jason for insinuating that Jake was afraid of him. Jason thanks Franco for helping Jake.  

Aiden's interested in Jake and the magic box, but Jake warns him away. Jake feels he can't tell anyone about the chimera. Me thinks Aiden will be the one to accidentally release the chimera, unless Jake does it himself at the Nurses Ball or something.  

Julian tells Alexis about the deal. He says he didn't take it because immunity wasn't offered. He adds that DA could come back after him once he was finished with Sonny. Alexis says she doesn't want Julian to go to prison, but doesn't know how to stop it.  

Alex and Valentin kiss and she suggests they make love. He rips off the necklace around her neck and says he knows she's only interested in the chimera.  

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