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Brooke Faces a Decision on The Bold and the Beautiful

Katherine Kelly Lang

Katherine Kelly Lang

Bill blasts Dougie the Dogooder for blowing his chances at getting the prime downtown property. Liam defends himself, but Bill says he has better things to focus on. He surprises his sons by telling them he is getting married TODAY.

RJ wants to know what happened with his parents in Australia. RJ doesn't want to upset his mother (He should be pissed!). He just doesn't want her to make a mistake. Brooke looks torn as RJ informs her that he can see how she feels about Ridge.

Quinn and Ivy are discussing jewelry designs when Katie cuts in. She wants to know if her designs show any promise. (I wonder if she's sketching late at night with Zende while Nicole sleeps). She wants to show them to Eric to see if they're worthy of being in the new collection.

Katie tells them she's heading out for a wedding. Quinn wonders if it's to Bill. Katie wants to know how she would feel if it were Ridge. Quinn abruptly excuses herself to go see Brooke. (Brooke has been married so many times she can put in some time at work before her wedding).

Quinn tells Brooke that she and Ridge have had no contact, even though he's living in the Forrester guest house. The events Down Under scared Quinn and she's committed to Eric.

Quinn asks Brooke if she is reconsidering her choice between Bill and Ridge. Brooke blathers on and on about how she left Ridge because of what she saw between them. She observes that Quinn and Ridge have a need to embrace their dark side and are more alike than not. Brooke thinks it would upset Quinn if she married Ridge. (My head is spinning).

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Coco and RJ talk about Bill being his stepfather. He claims he's cool with it if it makes his mom happy. He tells Coco that he doesn't think his mother will go through with it.

Ridge pleads his case to Katie and Ivy. They tell him to get on it because Brooke's getting married quickly. Katie questions how Ridge could have done what done did. Ridge says he made a mistake and that it's done. 

Quinn goes back to her office. Ivy tells Quinn Ridge isn't giving up. She wants to know if Brooke and Ridge get married, will she really, really, really be done with Ridge?

Bill is busy making plans. Wyatt comments that he's acting like it's a royal wedding. Bill does the math for him. Queen Brooke and King Bill make it a royal wedding. Despite his happiness, Bill still wonders what The Dressmaker did to screw up his own wedding in Australia.

Ridge pleads to Brooke with some Cher, "If I could turn back time, I would undo my mistake with Quinn." (Probably just the one when they got caught). He reminisces about the first time he returned from Paris and how thrilled he was to see her (until he found out about Bill). After the flashback, Ridge tells Brooke it was always her. He loves her and wants to marry her.

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