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Perkie's Observations: Friz Come to an Understanding on General Hospital

Rebecca Herbst, Roger Howarth

Rebecca Herbst, Roger Howarth

Anna gets agitated, so Dr. Lancaster drugs her again. Anna tries to fight the effects of the drug.

Valentin tosses the necklace aside. He shows Alex the broken watch and tells her that he knows she was listening to him. Alex doesn't deny it. She tells him that he has a blindspot for her since he took the watch. Valentin accuses her of trashing his life for the chimera. Alex still wants to know where the chimera is, claiming it needs to be contained.

Michael asks if Nina has heard from Nelle. He tells her that Nelle is quitting because she doesn't want to spy. Lulu walks up with Charlotte. Apparently, no one picked up the child from school. After several attempts at locating Nelle and Valentin, the school called Lulu to pick her up.

Jake warns Aiden that he can't tell anyone about what's in the magic box because it's a secret that only he can use. Franco talks to Jake about doing a duet for the Nurses Ball, but Jake wants to do a solo magic act.

Griffin spots Charlotte and apologizes to her for getting into it with Valentin at Naxie's wedding. Charlotte accepts the apology and invites him to her school spring festival.

Lulu demands to know why no one picked up Charlotte. She asks where either Valentin or Nelle is. She tells Nina to take Charlotte back to Wyndemere, but Nina says she's not going back. Lulu realizes there are problems in the Vina marriage. Lulu decides she's taking Charlotte home for the night.

Nina refuses, saying Lulu doesn't have that right. Lulu tells Nina to do what's best for Charlotte. Charlotte asks if Nina is taking her home. Nina says she and Valentin are working late. She says she can have a sleepover at Lulu's.

Michael gets worried about Nelle and heads down to the docks. He finds her unconscious and takes her to the hospital. Griffin is worried about her kidney.

Liz is not happy with Franco for lying about going to the island. She feels he doesn't trust her. Franco counters that if he had told her, she would have tried to stop him. Liz says they're in it together and the two kiss. Franco promises that from now on, he'll trust her to handle the truth. Liz says she trusts he'll always come home to her.

Anna tells the nurse that she isn't Alex. The nurse thinks she's confused and wants to call Dr. Lancaster back. Anna stops her and says she's being held against her will and she needs the nurse's help.

Alex tells Valentin that they can be together now. She says there are no more games between them. Valentin plays along. He adds that he's cured from his addiction to her. He says "Anna" has pushed him too far and that he needs to do something about it.

Valentin finds Nina and tells her that Anna was playing him. He explains that he stopped her. Nina questions what he means when he says Anna will not come between them again, ever. 

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