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Thomas Finds Himself in a Bind on The Bold and the Beautiful

Pierson Fodé, Courtney Hope

Pierson Fodé, Courtney Hope

Ridge tries to kick Sally out. Thomas asks him to leave, but Sally does instead. Ridge questions what is wrong with him. Thomas tells him he does all the grunt work and Steffy is CEO. He tries to explain how that feels.

Charlie observes that Sally stole Thomas' heart. Steffy says she doesn't condone Sally's behavior, but she understands where she was coming from when she made her choice.

Bill tells Brooke that he's not sorry for what he did. He believes Spectra's designs would have tanked anyway. Despite the delay, he will have the biggest, bestest tower in LA. Brooke giggles when he tells her he may have to rename it Brooke Tower. She gives her man of the day a smile and a hug. 

Brooke is surprised that Bill confronted Ridge. He respects that Ridge was upset with Thomas. Brooke defends Thomas because he's in love and he's just being romantic. Bill tells Brooke he wants to get married right away. She wants to know when and where.

Thomas claims that Steffy is good at PR, but she is not a designer. Ridge counters that he will have his time. Thomas wants to know where he stands because he has plans of his own.

Sally comes to Steffy's office. She claims she doesn't want trouble for Thomas. Steffy claims that Sally got what she wanted. Sally says Thomas defended her, which nobody's ever done. Sally claims that she will do the right thing. She wants them all to respect each other and be friends.

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Ridge backs up the truck and tells Thomas to focus on the current situation. Thomas thinks he got to be a designer by talent, not by name. Ridge tells him his time came from decades of shadowing his father and having respect.

He yells that Spectras have always stolen from Forresters and Sally is no different. He calls Thomas a spoiled brat. Thomas brings up Thorne, Felicia, and Kristen. He tells Ridge that he understands Thorne's plight. 

Steffy tells Sally that if she wants to be friends, she will tear up that check and leave her brother alone. Steffy claims that Sally took advantage of Thomas and Coco. Sally tells her she paid her dues, but Steffy counters that Thomas did that for her.

Thomas wonders out loud if Ridge isn't marrying Brooke because of a sketchy decision he made. Ridge is dismayed that Thomas loves Sally. He informs Thomas that he is fired until he gets his money back and dumps Sally. 

Sally tells Steffy she's trying to be better. Steffy declares that Thomas will not fall into her clutches. Sally tells her that she and Thomas have something special and she will fight for it. Sally threatens Steffy to not interfere in her relationship with Thomas.

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