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Perkie's Observations: Bobbie Tries to Convince Carly to Move Forward on General Hospital

Jacklyn Zeman, Laura Wright

Jacklyn Zeman, Laura Wright

Carly continues to wonder what's really going on between Martina and Sonny. Bobbie tells Carly that she needs to find a new lawyer and get on with the divorce. She feels that continuing to drag things out is taking its toll on Josslyn and Michael. Bobbie wants Carly to make a clean break and get on with her life. 

Martina stops by Sonny's to let him know that she's leaving tomorrow. The two share a drink. Martina gives him his wedding ring. She found it amongst her stuff when she was packing. Martina tells him to think twice about the divorce. Sonny's only interested in one more night before she leaves. The two make out.  

Dante comes home from work. He is surprised to find Charlotte hanging out with Lulu and Rocco. Lulu explains what happened. She fills him in on the fact that all may not be well in the Vina marriage.  

Valentin is certain he can convince Nina to give him a second chance, but Nina's not so sure. Nina tells him about Charlotte. Valentin wonders why she didn't bring the child home. Nina says Wyndemere isn't her home anymore. She explains that she didn't want to fight with Lulu in front of Charlotte. 

Michael tries to get information out of Griffin, but he's waiting on Nelle's test results. Michael manages to visit with her. He sits and talks to Nelle until she wakes up.  

Anna tries to convince the nurse of her identity. She is surprised to learn that she's been hospitalized for more than a month. Anna explains that Alex is her twin. She tells the nurse to do a computer search so she can see that she is Anna Devane.  

Valentin shows up at Lulu's to take Charlotte home. She says Charlotte's already in bed for the night. Valentin questions why she didn't drop Charlotte at home. Lulu says Nelle was MIA and she wasn't going to leave her with the servants.  

Lulu says she told the social worker what happened, which annoys Valentin. Lulu points out that she asked permission before taking Charlotte from school. Valentin decides to leave Charlotte there for the night.  

Carly shows up at the hospital. Michael tells her what happened to Nelle. He feels responsible for what happened.  

Griffin tells Nelle that her kidney is bruised and that they have to monitor it closely. He promises he'll do everything he can to help her heal. Michael asks to see Nelle, but Griffin tells him that she refuses to see him.  

Nina and Andre run into each other. She takes the opportunity to complain about Anna and the evil bamboozling of Valentin. Andre points out that Nina clearly still cares for her husband. Nina admits that despite knowing what she knows now, she would do it all over again.  

Nina says Anna will rue the day. Andre tells her not to get so obsessed. Nina says Valentin is the one who won't let Anna get away with manipulating him. Andre leaves a message for Anna, giving her a warning.  

The nurse returns and Anna says she needs to leave. Dr. Lancaster walks in and tries to stop her, but Anna grabs a syringe and stabs him with the sedative.  

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