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Perkie's Observations: Robin and Emma Are Suspicious of "Anna" on General Hospital

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Kimberly McCullough

Kimberly McCullough

Laura runs into Dillon. She mentions that she's taking over Tracy's spot on the hospital board and that she has big shoes to fill. Dillon assures her that his mother made the right decision in handing the spot to Laura.  

Michael spends the night at the hospital despite not being allowed to see Nelle. He asks Kiki for information. Because of hospital rules, all she can do is tell him which room Nelle is in.  

Alex wakes up, tied to the bottom of the stairs. She remembers that Valentin tied her there and left. Somehow she fell asleep and didn't untie herself until now. Sure, cuz she wouldn't have been trying to get out of that all night. No, she just takes a nap for awhile first. Anyhoo, Dr. Lancaster calls to warn her that Anna is on her way back to Port Charles and to get out.  

Brad runs into Laura and tells her that now that she's on the board, she needs to deal with Finn. He explains about Finn's drug addiction and says Tracy covered for Finn. Laura points out that many people have addictions that they struggle with and she doesn't want a witch hunt. Brad is annoyed that she won't help him.

Hayden tells Finn that she's thought about it and has decided that she wants the baby. Finn says he's ready, but reminds her that he has demons he still needs to overcome. Hayden says they can do it together.  

Nina stops by the hospital to see Nelle. She runs into Michael, who tells her that Nelle won't see him. Nina apologizes to Nelle and promises that she still has her job once she's better. Nina tells Nelle that Michael is worried about her as well.  

Valentin shows up at Lante's to pick up Charlotte. The social worker arrives. Both Valentin and Lulu paint a pretty picture that everything turned out all right. After she leaves, Valentin wonders what game Lulu is playing. 

Lulu says she's fine with the agreement as is, but wants a bit of leeway, like more hours with Charlotte. Lulu mentions his broken marriage, but Valentin insists there's nothing wrong between him and Nina. He tells her to talk to a judge if she wants changes to the agreement.  

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Dillon asks Kiki to join him at the Nurses Ball, but she's worried about whether she passed her final exams. Kiki gets the results and is excited to find out she passed.  

Valentin finds Nina and tells her that everything is okay with Charlotte. He wonders what happened to Nelle. Nina explains. She tells him to keep Nelle on so Charlotte doesn't lose someone else that she loves.  

Finn gives another sample. Brad tries to take it, only to find an empty container. He gets busted by Finn and Hayden.  

Nelle decides to get up and find Michael, just as he's distracted and walks off.  

Alex heads to the airport to catch a flight back to London. She runs into Robin and Emma who are arriving for the Nurses Ball. Alex says she's on her way out of town and that it's urgent. Robin doesn't understand why her mother's so frazzled.  

Robin tells Emma to give her grandmother a hug goodbye. Emma's a smart cookie who inherited her grandfather's intelligence. She declares that this isn't her grandmother. Alex tries to cover, but Robin quickly realizes that Emma is right.

Emma spots the real Anna, as she arrives from London.  

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