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Brooke Finally Corrals Her Stallion on The Bold and the Beautiful

Nicole has a sudden case of baby rabies.
Katherine Kelly Lang, Don Diamont

Katherine Kelly Lang, Don Diamont

Two men, two doors, but only one Brooke. She walks into Bill's, ready to get married. Ridge gets Quinn, who gives him the update that Brooke isn't coming to him. She adds that his time with Brooke is up.

Ridge kicks himself because he lost his best love over playing games with his father's wife. He fancied himself a knight in shining armor, but he sees that never existed. He chats her up about being a loser with lots of flaws, who Brooke or any other woman could never understand. Quinn tells him she understands him.

Zende and Nicole are babysitting Lizzie in an office (are they homeless?). Nicole is ready to start a family of her own. Off screen, Nicole has been thinking a lot about having another baby because she loved being pregnant. (Zende, step away from the sketch pad.) Zende gets nervous when she says she bought another pregnancy test and she can check it again...RIGHT NOW. 

Justin starts the ceremony after Maya and Rick arrive. Maya wants to say something. She stands and tells them to remember how hard they worked to get where they are. Her wish is they never stop trying to win each other's hearts. Liam is next. He extends his well-wishes. Rick tells his mother how he appreciates that she always followed her heart because it helped him follow his.

Quinn admits to Ridge that she was always been a self-saboteur until she met Eric. She encourages Ridge to hang tough. She believes he will find the right woman who will see past his flaws. He tells Quinn he wants to be alone. She pats his shoulder and leaves. Cue flashbacks of prime Bridge moments.

Nicole comes in from the company bathroom disappointed that she's not pregnant. She is ready to get her family started.

Brill exchange their own vows and Justin declares them married.

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