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Perkie's Observations: Ava Reminds Carly She's Avery's Mother on General Hospital

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Laura Wright, Maura West

Laura Wright, Maura West

Anna and Alex come face to face and get into a fight. Nathan (why was he at the airport in the first place?) breaks them up. Anna asks for time to question Alex. She asks Robin to tell Griffin the truth.  

Carly runs into Ava and Avery in the park. She wonders why Ava has her daughter on an unscheduled day. Ava tells her to mind her own business because Carly has no claim to Avery, especially because of the divorce.  

Ava reminds Carly that she was awarded legal custody. Carly says she still has the tape of Ava and Paul having sex. She claims she will have Diane spin it to look like Ava was working with Paul. Ava feels Carly is using Avery as a substitute for Morgan.  

Carly knows Sonny wouldn't give Ava extra time with her daughter and is determined to figure out why.  

Martina and Sonny spend time in his bed. He feeds her dinner while discussing Morgan's plight. Sonny explains to her everything about Morgan and Martina offers him more than a shoulder to cry on.  

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Fayden catch Brad with the sample. Griffin accuses Brad of tampering with the tests, which Brad vehemently denies. Hayden warns him to get a lawyer.  

Liz wants Jake to perform at the Nurses Ball. Lucy's a little hesitant when she finds out that Jake has been seeing Dr. Maddox. After watching Jake's rehearsal, Lucy agrees to let him perform.  

Brad complains to Liesl that he stands accused, but swears he didn't tamper with the lab tests. Liesl promises that she's there for him. Later, we see that she's the one behind the tampering.  

Alex explains to Anna that she was recruited by the DVX to impersonate her and seduce Valentin. She mentions that she botched things up and he took off with the chimera. She wants Anna to get Valentin to tell her who he sold it to. 

Carly shows up at Sonny's. She sees the leftover food on the table, heads upstairs ,and finds Martina and Sonny in bed.  

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