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Nicole Finds out She May Be Infertile on The Bold and the Beautiful

Reign Edwards, Rome Flynn

Reign Edwards, Rome Flynn

Bill and Brooke are on his private jet waiting to take off for Paris. Brooke tells Bill that she asked Rick and Maya to hitch a ride with them since they are going to Paris on Forrester business. While they wait, they get their newlywed game on, mixed in with Brill flashbacks. When they're done, they coo and sweet talk with each other.

Nicole gets antsy when they Maya tells them she and Rick are leaving. Nicole wonders what will happen with Lizzie while they're gone. Maya finds out her nanny has an emergency and can't babysit. Maya offers to let Lizzie stay with Nicole and Zende. She tells her they will send a for nanny to help them out.

RJ and Coco visit with Nicole and Zende. He admits that he's disappointed about Bill being married to his mother, but he claims he wants them to be happy. Nicole suddenly remembers she has a doctor's appointment to get her test results. Zende, RJ, and Coco pitch in to babysit. They discuss their young ages, children, and potential fatherhood. Zende says he is SO ready to start a family.

Rick and Maya arrive at the jet. He and Bill chum it up and call each other dad and son. (I guess Rick, Maya, and Bill all like each other now.) They share pictures of Lizzie while they're flying.

Nicole arrives at the doctor. She says her body was happy when she was pregnant the first time and can't wait to do it again. Nicole says she's late with her period. The doctor looks concerned. She and Nicole talk about her pregnancy experience. The doctor wonders if Nicole had a hard time giving Lizzie up. Nope, apparently not because that baby was meant for Maya, not her. 

The doctor asks Nicole about her missed periods. Nicole explains she also has some pelvic pain. The doctor tells her she has amenorrhea, which basically means she's not having regular periods.

Bill asks Maya about the white elephant that no one ever discusses. He wonders if it's a good idea to let Nicole babysit Lizzie. Bill points out that Nicole is Lizzie's mother, not Maya. Brooke gives him the evil eye and steps in to smooth over Bill's intentions.

Nicole wonders what she can do to fix her problem. The doctor explains that her first pregnancy scarred her uterus, which is a cause of secondary infertility. Nicole tells her that there is nothing wrong with her! She's young! She's healthy! She demands the doctor fix her condition so she can have the family she wants!

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