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Perkie's Observations: Nathan Schools Nina about Alex on General Hospital

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Ryan Paevey, Michelle Stafford

Ryan Paevey, Michelle Stafford

Carly finds Sonny and Martina in bed together and storms out. Sonny stops her and reminds her that they've both moved on. Carly says she figured it out when she saw Ava with Avery. She deduced she had leverage on Sonny.

Martina joins them and points out to Carly that she's no longer her lawyer and allowed to sleep with whomever she wants. Carly says Martina should have come clean at the hearing and wonders if the bar association might have something to say.

Alex claims she regrets all that she's done, but Anna figures she's just trying to save her own skin. Alex wants Anna to go to Valentin and find out what happened to the chimera. Anna wants to know why it makes a difference now. Alex says Anna needs to stop what she set in motion. WSB agents come to take Alex into custody.

Nina stops by Wyndemere to give Valentin her keys. He swears that things are over with Anna, but Nina questions whether he loves her enough to choose her. Valentin tries to convince her, but Nina says he destroyed their family.

Kiki and Dillon are practicing their routine for the ball. Ava stops to congratulate Kiki on passing her course. She informs her that she has Avery for the night. Ava's happy about Kiki and Dillon. This makes Kiki question why Ava pretends Morgan never existed. Ava disagrees, saying Morgan's death was senseless, but that she wants Kiki to focus on her future.

Sam and Jason share Chinese food and sexy time. In the afterglow, Jason has a nightmare of Helena saying she warned him. Sam tells him that it was a dream and that Helena can't hurt them anymore.

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Sonny brings up Carly sleeping with Jax. She counters that she did that after Sonny told her they were through. Carly tells them that she won't be compromising and that she's keeping everything.

Dillon gives Kiki a spa gift certificate for passing her course. Felix tells her that as the newest employee, she has to work instead of being at the Nurses Ball.

Lucy runs into Ava and threatens to spill the beans. Ava says she paid Lucy for the pills and her silence, and to back off. Ava says she wants to make a donation at the ball in Morgan's name to honor his memory.

Anna shows up at Wyndemere looking for Valentin, but finds Nina instead. Nina accuses her of being a user who exploited Valentin and lured him away. Anna denies it. Valentin arrives, angry with Anna's presence. Nina storms out.

Nina complains to Nathan, who tells her about Alex. He explains that she was the one working on Valentin not Anna. He says Alex is now in custody. Nathan wonders if that makes a difference to Nina.

Valentin wonders why he didn't kill Anna when he had the chance. She says she has a twin and explains everything, which he doesn't believe. Anna shows him the necklace and he realizes that all she wants is the chimera. He says he sold it. Anna wants to know the details. She adds the man she knew all those years ago would take responsibility to stop its release.

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