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Ridge and Steffy Hire a New Designer on The Bold and the Beautiful

Jacqueline MacInnes Wood, Thorsten Kaye

Jacqueline MacInnes Wood, Thorsten Kaye

Ridge snaps at Steffy because she questions his timing regarding calling Brooke. He tells her he fired Thomas. When she balks, he whines that she's accusing him of being a loser. The CEO tells The Dressmaker they need Thomas to get the collection done. Ridge says knows who to call.

The doctor explains that Nicole's problem is common and most women who have had a baby before are in the same boat. Nicole is informed that she has uterine adhesions and infertility cannot be diagnosed until after she has a year of unprotected sex. She tries to assure Nicole that her situation isn't as dire as Nicole feels. She wonders about her future with Zende.

Ridge calls Zende and needs him right away. He dumps Lizzie on RJ and Coco and heads out. RJ tells Coco she looks so ready for a baby, but she tells him it may be another 10 years.

In Paris Rick tries to get frisky, but Maya isn't having it. She wants to find a nanny to take care of their daughter so Nicole isn't burdened. Rick ensconces himself in a fluffy white robe. He tells Maya that she should drop finding a nanny because Nicole can handle it. Maya worries that Nicole has already done enough for them.

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Pam tells Charlie that she thinks Ridge is heartbroken and feels badly for him. She adds that she thinks Charlie was ridiculous for thinking that Ridge had an attraction to Quinn.

When Zende arrives, Ridge tells him that they are short a designer. Zende reminds Ridge and Steffy he's not a designer, but only modeled his sketches in their style. Ridge is looking for someone who can take direction and design in the Forrester style.

Pam offers to help Maya with babysitting and checking references while she sets up online interviews (how long is this trip?). Pam enlists Charlie's help. Rick assures Maya that Lizzie is fine with Nicole. Cue Maya's worried look. Finally, Rick gets a kiss.

Steffy and Ridge tell Zende he needs to be on call, attentive, and may be doing work he feels is beneath him. Overall, it will help him be a better designer. Zende is grateful and promises to not let them down. Steffy wonders if he should consult Nicole before accepting their offer. They explain that work responsibilities often interfere with life on the outside. Zende tells them Nicole will understand and would want it for him.

Nicole informs the doctor there is nothing wrong with her and she will have a baby. The doctor tells her to keep that point of view. Nicole gets upset and tells her that she had a healthy baby and she's too young to have a problem she's never heard of before! She tells the doctor she needs another shot since she gave the first baby away.

Nicole return's to Brooke's. Coco gives her a babysitting update. She wants to know where Zende is. Nicole tells them they can go. When she's alone, she picks up Lizzie and talks to her.