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Maya Gets an Opportunity to Stay in Paris on The Bold and the Beautiful

Karla Mosley

Karla Mosley

While Maya is modeling, the photographer notices she's distracted. He tells her to take a break. Rick wonders if she's thinking about Lizzie. When she gets back to work, she is more focused. The photographer wants her to extend her stay in Paris because he has big plans for her while Rick is putting out fires.

Zende comes back to Brooke's to find RJ and Coco babysitting. He is ready to celebrate, but Nicole has already left. Coco puts Lizzie up to bed. RJ wants to know why Zende is so excited. RJ is happy for Zende, but not about Thomas.

Nicole is at Forrester with her mother. Vivienne wants to know if Zende and Nicole are already having problems. Nicole tells her mother she is broken because she may not be able to ever conceive. Vivienne tries to reassure her that it takes time. She suggests Nicole get a second opinion.

The photographer tells Maya he wants to do multiple shoots all over the city. He thinks an international shoot like this could propel them both. She agrees to talk to Rick.

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Nicole cries that she and Zende gave up a lot for Lizzie and she promised Zende a child. Julius comes in. He can see Nicole is upset. He wants to know what is going on. She tells him she can't have a baby. Julius tells her she will have that baby because she's a good person and a giver. He encourages her to not give up.

Rick comes back to get Maya. He tells her they can head back in a couple of days. Maya tells Rick about the photographer's plan. She admits she misses Lizzie, but wants to take advantage of the opportunity.

Zende has turned Brooke's house into romance central. Then sad Nicole walks in. He wants to swim and drink champagne. He tells her about his promotion. Nicole wonders how he got the designer job when he was already turned down. She's surprised to hear that he's replacing Thomas, but it's hard to tell because she is sitting next to him like a zombie. He wants to ditch the champagne and go straight upstairs to the main event. Nicole flashes back to the doctor's office. She tells Zende what the doctor said. Zende tells her they will have their family.

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